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Heart Stop: Which Woman Should Capture Valentin’s On General Hospital?

General Hospital ValentinGeneral Hospital Valentin

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General Hospital’s Valentin sure isn’t living up to his namesake saint, is he? Love just seems to keep passing him by. Sure, mostly it’s his fault. What with the lying and the manipulating and the evil mustache-twirling.

General Hospital Polling

But he is a romantic at heart. Think of all the songs he’s sung about it. Does Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) deserve a woman who truly loves him for him? And, if so, who should she be? What over 2,000 fans told us:

First Love

Valentin appeared in Port Charles obsessed with a woman from his past – Anna (Finola Hughes). And 38% of you think it’s about time he got her. Valentin has become a better person – and he’s lost Nina (Cynthia Watros), the woman he was most recently fixated on.

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Anna has recently been through the wringer, as well. She appears to have lost Finn (Michael Easton), and the Peter (Wes Ramsey) mess seems to be winding down. So why not a brand new start for both of them – with someone from the past?

One More Try

Then again, a slightly smaller 36% think Valentin should go back to the more recent past. Yeah, Nina again. She was just as obsessed with his precious Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) as he was. (Anna raised Robin, the world’s most perfect child. She wouldn’t know what to do with a demon seed.) And she seemed to get him in a way no one else did. They’re meant to be.

Baby Mama

If Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) is pregnant with Valentin’s baby, then 26% of viewers want them to give being a family a try. Lack of family – and love – is what twisted Valentin into the warped psycho he is. A new family, with a baby he can raise from day one, might be just the thing Valentin needs to reform his wicked ways. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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