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How General Hospital Fans Prefer Their Valentin

Valentin on General HospitalValentin on General Hospital

When General Hospital fans were asked, “How do you like your Valentin?” they came up with a variety of answers.

General Hospital Polling

Options not included: Naked and/or Dead. Here’s what almost 2,000 regular viewers told Soap Hub.

Mr. Dash

We like our Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) dashing, a winning 42% assert. We want an old school Byronic hero, the kind that broods and schemes, then loves and romances. He’s witty, he’s charming, and he’s at his most watchable when he’s a bad boy with a touch of dash!

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My Funny Valentin

There’s witty, and then there’s laugh out loud funny, which is what 26% of you prefer. Sophisticated and witty is nice. But snarky and hilarious is a well you can go back to again and again. A man who makes you laugh is a man who can also make you sigh. And the more Valentin smiles, the less likely you are to expect the knife he just might stick in your back.

Some Scheme

And only slightly smaller 24% of the audience prefers their Valentin Machiavellian. Whatever happened to the Cassadine so bad-ass that even Helena (Constance Towers) was afraid of him. You want to see the chess player who is always thinking 17 moves ahead, and where every setback was actually part of a grander scheme. You think you’ve got him? That’s what Valentin wants you to think…

Bad To the Bone

Only 8% of the fans went with the evil option (think Austin Powers’ nemesis). Forget romantic, forget funny, forget scheming. All of that takes away from Valentin being bad, which is what you signed up for. You’ve been promised bad, but you’ve never exactly had the chance to witness it for yourselves. The Valentin you’ve watched up to this point has been pining and whiny. Let’s unleash his inner demon. Even precious Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) will need to start watching herself. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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