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What Will Tracy Do About Samira on General Hospital (GH)?

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Tracy on General Hospital (GH) ought to be used to heretofore unknown siblings popping up from all corners of the globe.

There was Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond) from the wilds of Indiana (his socialite mother dumped him with some country bumpkin relatives while she used the money Edward sent her for they boy’s upkeep to traipse about Europe).

There was Bradley Ward from the inner-city of Port Charles. He was dead by the time Edward’s affair with Mary Mae (Rosalind Cash) came out, but his son Bradley eventually made himself at home in the Quartermaine mansion.

And now there’s Samira (Ivy Natalia) with the blue eyes, from Turkey. Tracy suspects she may have a new sister. But what will she do about it? Over 5,000 viewers made their best guess.

Show Me the Bloodline
Samira talked a good game. She used all the right buzz-words. Refugee. Expiring visa. Sex trafficking. Child sex trafficking.

She was practically holding up a “Bring Back our Girls” sign. But, in the end, it came down to: Give Me Your Portrait.

Tracy (Jane Elliot) is right to be cautious, agree 78% of you. She should find out everything she can about this interloper before falling for her sob story.

Soft Touch
Then again, this isn’t the Tracy who coldly stood staring out the window while her father writhed on the floor, begging for his heart medication. Edward was faking. It was a test. Tracy failed.

But she’s matured since then. This is a kindler, gentler Tracy, and 21% of fans expect her to help Samira, no matter whose daughter she turns out to be.

Dead and Gone
Of course, 1% of voters aren’t nearly as optimistic. This handful expects Tracy to, at best, kick Samira to the curb and, at worst, to have her killed. Harsh, folks… Really, really harsh. You’re thinking about the pill incident, aren’t you?

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