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What Happens to Billy Miller When Steve Burton Returns?

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Longtime General Hospital fans are delighted about the impending return of Steve Burton to the role of Jason Morgan.

However, it presents an interesting dilemma: What to do with Billy Miller, who’s been playing the character since 2014 and amassed a legion of fans all his own?

The soap’s writers likely mulled over an array of tantalizing scenarios. Here are a few things they might explore.

Tempestuous Triangle
While Sam was madly in love with Burton’s Jason, she’s also developed a deep love for Miller’s version of the character. It provides all the elements for a classic and passionate triangle the likes of which GH hasn’t seen in years.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) could find herself in a deep emotional quandary – think Sophie’s Choice — as she tries to decide between the fathers of her two children.

Jason Who?
Here’s an intriguing scenario? What if Burton’s Jason doesn’t remember anything about his past and has absolutely no desire for his old life – be it his marriage to Sam, his role as Sonny’s right-hand man, or his BBF status with Carly?

That would mean Miller’s Jason wouldn’t have to make any concessions at all. He could continue on with his life as is. Well, that is, with one small change. He’d have to come up with a new name.

Elizabeth Rising
If Sam chooses to reunite with Jason I, that leaves Jason II suddenly single. And, if she decides to stick with Jason II, Jason I becomes a free man. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) has had a complicated history with both men and loved them both.

With one of them up for grabs, she might rethink her future with Franco (Roger Howarth) and pursue Sam’s castoff. Either way, Jason II will have a good woman by his side.

Identity Search
The soap could send Jason II off on a long, arduous journey to uncover his true identity, much the same way John did on Days of Our Lives when the real Roman resurfaced.

Jason I and Sam could lend their help by accompanying him on his search, as well as Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), who’s come to think of Stone Cold II as a real friend.

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) could get into the mix, too. Remember she spent time with Jason I when he was in captivity and might be able to shed some light on when and how Jason II got into the mix.

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