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Was Joss Wrong To Blab About Trina’s Gift on General Hospital?

General Hospital Joss and TrinaGeneral Hospital Joss and Trina

General Hospital viewers have known for ages that Spencer Cassadine has warm and fuzzy feelings for Trina Robinson. Esme Prince — you know, Spence’s girlfriend — knows it, too.

General Hospital Polling

It’s why she drugged Trina (Sydney Makayla) during the teen’s cabin getaway. And that was before Esme (Kristen Avery Pohl) found out that Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) sent Trina a gift — via Laura Collins (Genie Francis) — with special meaning to her.

And how did Esme find out? Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) told her! Did Carly Corinthos’s (Laura Wright) mini-me go too far and throw her bestie and roommate under the bus? What over 3,000 of you think:

GH Consequences of My Actions

Joss has to at least suspect how Esme feels about Trina. And she had to know that her blabbing would only fan the flames, according to 58% of the audience. Esme is now going to have Trina in her sights more than ever. And that girl is lethal!

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General Hospital: Like Mother Like Daughter

It’s what Carly would have done, 31% of voters sigh. Carly believes anything that happens isn’t just her business, but that it also warrants her putting her two cents in. She also enjoys stirring the pot and causing trouble just so that she can feel in control of something…anything. It’s very sad, really, when you think about how pathetic a person has to be to feel that way. But that’s Carly. And now, it’s Joss, too.

GH: Helper Elf

There are actually 11% of viewers who believe Joss did it innocently. She was trying to help, not hurt. Trina is her friend, after all, and Esme is, if not exactly an enemy, then someone who doesn’t worship Joss the way she thinks she deserves to be worshipped. That means she deserves to be put in her place. Who cares if Trina ends up being collateral damage? If Carly had done it, it would be written off as an act of love. So why not Joss, too?

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