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Is Valentin The New Helena Pulling All The Puppet Strings on General Hospital (GH)?

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Somehow, Valentin Cassadine is involved with a host of General Hospital (GH) plots. Pretty good for a character introduced a little over a year ago.

On the surface, he is responsible for Nikolas’s alleged death. He also fathered Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) stolen embryo, who now lives as an adorable little girl named Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). He got formerly comatose Nina (Michell Stafford) to marry him.

He also seems to be an international jewel thief, and now Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna (Finola Hughes) want to know more. And, he sent Ava (Maura West) to a Russian clinic to have her face fixed where she ran into a guy who looks an awful lot like the original Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). He had to know that was going to happen, right?

Soap Hub asked if you think Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) knew exactly what he was doing when he conned Ava, and around 4,000 of you weighed in.

The Mastermind
Valentin absolutely knew what was going on in that clinic, say a whopping 76% of you. After all, a Cassadine had something to do with the return of Port Charles Jason, so why wouldn’t Valentin pick up the reins from his deranged stepmother and also be involved with this latest Jason secret.

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He claims his disfigurement was fixed there, so he is obviously quite familiar with the clinic. Perhaps he’s the one who placed ‘Patient 6’ there to begin with.

Sheer ‘Luck’
Another 10% of you think this is just a coincidence, and Valentin will be stunned when a second Jason arrives in Port Charles in about a month. (We figure it will take that long for the ship to get to N.Y., just in time for November sweeps).

The Jury Is Out
Then, there are 13% of you who just aren’t sure and don’t know what to make of this story yet. There are so many threads, you think it can go either way.

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