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Could Valentin Be The “Scarecrow” on General Hospital (GH)?

Valentin on General HospitalValentin on General Hospital

Oh, Valentin, you have to get yourself into just about every General Hospital (GH) story, don’t you?

He’s involved with Lulu (Emme Rylan) as the father of her now-child embryo Charlotte. He managed to capture Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) heart as she was getting over Franco, and apparently, he was once in love with Anna (Finola Hughes). This new Cassadine is everywhere, so it just makes sense that he holds a key to Little Jake’s lost years.

Doesn’t it seem odd that a scarecrow would be on Cassadine Island, which is not highly inhabited and is in the middle of the Meditteranean somwhere? They’re typically used on farms, and we never guessed this island was a major farming mecca.

Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) little throwaway scarecrow story seemed way too convenient and really wouldn’t explain why an apparently sleep-walking Jake (Hudson West) would draw one in the dead of night. 

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So, no offense to Valentin and actor James Patrick Stuart, but what Jake drew looks like it might resemble Valentin. And, maybe what he drew wasn’t a scarecrow after all. Maybe something horrid happened to Valentin on the island that Jake witnessed and in his young brain, he saw that as a scarecrow.

Since Valentin is involved with everything else in Port Charles, why wouldn’t he be a key to unlocking the boy’s memories. It would then make more sense that Jason (Billy Miller) went to him for help. After all, a one-off trip to see the man who tied him up and held him hostage last summer just seems ridiculous if Valentin doesn’t somehow tie into this tale.

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