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Ava Needs To Move On… With Valentin On General Hospital

Ava and Valentin General HospitalAva and Valentin General Hospital

Did anyone ever really think General Hospital‘s Ava and Griffin were in it for the long haul?

Of course not. The couple’s fate seemed sealed when Ava (Maura West) angrily broke up with Griffin (Matt Cohen) after the Nurses’ Ball, and he countered by getting drunk and landing in bed with her daughter, Kiki (Hayley Erin).

While a change of heart sent Ava running back into Griffin’s arms, she’s bound to find out about his tryst with Kiki, and once she does, their relationship is doomed.

Ava could save herself a lot of heartache by cutting ties with Griffin and moving on… now. The perfect man (for Ava!) is right under her nose, and his name is Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart).

Perfectly Imperfect Match
Griffin is Ava’s polar opposite, when it comes to all things righteous and honest. (Okay, except for his romp with Kiki.) He’s a former priest and a bona fide do-gooder, while Ava’s got mobster ties, has ordered hits, and committed murder.

Valentin, on the other hand, has an unofficial rap sheet that mirrors Ava’s when it comes to all things bad.

He gave Anna’s (Finola Hughes) baby to the evil Faison and seems to have killed Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). Together Valentin and Ava could be their true selves, not have to apologize or explain themselves. They’re the perfect imperfect match.

Free to Be Herself
Ava’s been seriously stifled since getting involved with Griffin. She’s tried to reinvent herself for the sake of living up to his expectations, but she’s found it increasingly more difficult.

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She’s constantly apologizing for her slip-ups and calculated deeds, like threatening to send Mike (Max Gail) to prison unless Sonny (Maurice Benard) relinquished partial custody of Avery to her.

If she called it quits with Griffin and hooked up with Valentin, she’d finally be free to be her true self — an ‘end justifies the means’ kind of gal, who makes no apologies and is damn proud of it.

Potent Power Couple
Imagine the havoc Ava and Valentin could wreak as a power couple? Put their diabolical minds together, and they’d be unstoppable. Heck, they could rule Port Charles.

Valentin would certainly back Ava in her battles with Sonny and anyone else, something Griffin has never done.

And Valentin could wheel, deal and manipulate to his heart’s content with Ava by his side, instead of constantly having to make amends like he’s had to do with Nina (Michelle Stafford). In the end Ava could reclaim her post as Port Charles’ top villainess with a man who’s just as dastardly as her partner in crime.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for air times.

Video Credit: Taylor Foster

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