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The Countdown to Ava Losing Griffin Has Begun On General Hospital

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Fans knew it was coming from the minute they hooked up and now it’s actually begun: The countdown to Ava losing Griffin on General Hospital (GH).

The murderous mobster and the kindly priest were seriously doomed from the get-go. Ava’s (Maura West) got too much baggage and too many skeletons in her closet, while Griffin (Matt Cohen) is the epitome of all things good.

Sooner or later, she was bound to regress and negate the misplaced faith Griffin has had in her.

The GH odd couple is about to go down. In fact, it’s already begun.

Nosing Around
Ava seriously pushed the envelope (so to speak) when she peeked inside the envelope containing the DNA test results Griffin ran on Peter/Henrik (Wes Ramsey) and Faison (Anders Hove).

Although she initially talked a good game about respecting Griffin’s privacy, in the end Ava couldn’t resist temptation and resorted to her old ways.

It was a major breach of trust; plus, Ava totally ignored the doctor/patient confidentiality concept. She’s bound to let the information slip at some point, and once she does and Griffin finds out he’ll be crushed that Ava betrayed his trust.

The Nelle Factor
Nelle’s determined to bring Carly (Laura Wright) down, and she’s confided so much in Ava. While Ava doesn’t know the details of her diabolical plan, she does know it exists and is in full swing.

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To her credit, Ava has tried to get Nelle to abandon the scheme, but Nelle has refused. Yet, Ava hasn’t gone to Carly and warned her that Nelle’s gunning for her.

Eventually, the truth about Nelle’s twisted plot to drive Carly mad will come out. When Griffin learns that Ava could have spared Carly a lot of undo pain and suffering, he’s going to be disappointed.

He’ll realize Ava is simply incapable of doing the right thing n matter how hard she tries, and she’ll be hard pressed to talk her way out of it.

Time to Part Ways
The one-two punch of both of the above will be a major wake-up call for Griffin, who won’t be able to ignore either of them. He’ll finally be forced to reevaluate his relationship with Ava and realize that, at the core, they’re vastly different people. And that will never change.

Bottom line: they simply aren’t meant to be. Griffin will walk away, leaving Ava to return to her old devious ways.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for air times.

Video Credit: Taylor Foster

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