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Sybil The Psychic Predicts GH Spoilers: Karma Has Caught Up With Sonny

Sybil the Psychic will look into Sonny’s future on GH and share what she learns.

sybil predicts gh spoilers for sonny corinthos.Sybil reads Sonny Corinthos's future.

GH spoilers show that Sonny Corinthos’s dirty dealings have caught up with him. And getting caught up in an international illegal arms ring may be his worst deal ever. Will the Port Charles mobster get out of this mess unscathed? Is he in danger? Will his loved ones be targeted next? I, Sybil the Psychic, plan to look into the future for Sonny and see if his future lies behind bars.

GH Spoilers: Play With Fire, You Get Burned

By examining my crystal ball, laying out the cards, and reading the tea leaves, I plan to predict what’s coming up for Sonny (Maurice Benard). But I make no promises because, let’s face it – it’s not an exact science (and I’m not really that…talented). Okay, Let’s take a plunge into the unknown.

General Hospital: Near Future

The crystal ball shows that Sonny has desperately tried to find out who wants him out of the way. The coffee king has always come out on top, but these are federal charges and could mean prison time. Just how can he keep himself and his family safe behind bars? Let’s see what the cards have to say.

GH Spoilers: A Higher Authority

Sonny pulled the Emperor card, which signifies a powerful influence. Sonny is known for his strategy and powerful action. He has been working closely with Brick (Stephen A. Smith) to find out who is behind the attempt on his life and this power play. Perhaps he already knows, and this is all a part of a master plan. 

Clearly, Sonny has friends in high places. He has organized protection for Drew (Cameron Mathison) in Pentonville to help his ex-wife, Carly (Laura Wright). He has had the best legal representation that money can buy from Diane (Carolyn Hennesy). He even has connections with Port Charles’s Mayor, Laura Collins (Genie Francis), through his nephew, Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez). Surely, there is someone who can keep him out of prison.

The card hints that Sonny is a strong authority figure in his own right. During this time, he may need to shoulder more responsibility to get to a positive resolution to his current situation. He may just have to pull a few strings or reach out to someone with even more authority to make this right. Besides, he has a wedding to plan with his lady love, Nina (Cynthia Watros). Love is so much sweeter when you’re not incarcerated.

Further Into Sonny Corinthos’s Future

In reading these tea leaves, I, Sybil the Psychic, spy a cloudy Palm Tree, which indicates difficulties will be resolved. Sonny has both powerful friends and ruthless enemies. Something tells me this won’t be the last danger that Sonny finds himself in, and it is not quite time to pay the piper yet. Sybil warns, “Don’t fan the flames.”

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