General Hospital Spoilers

GH Weekly Spoilers: Surprises, Anger, and A Great Escape

Find out what the GH spoilers for September 11 – September 15, 2023, have in store for your Port Charles favorites.

general hospital spoilers for september 11-15, 2023, three images, trina, dante, and sasha.Trina Ashford, Dante Falconeri, and Sasha Gilmore.

These General Hospital spoilers tease getting while the getting is good, a reaffirmation of who and what is most important, and so much more. This will be a week you won’t want to miss!

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

New Ferncliff enrollee Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) catches a good look at Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) doctor and realizes that he’s yet another one of the poker addicts who regularly attends Selina’s (Lydia Look) illegal card games. That further spurs Cody to get Sasha out of dodge, and during one of her more lucid moments, Sasha agrees to Cody’s daring escape attempt.

Once off the institution’s grounds, Cody and Sasha search for lodgings and stumble across a cabin. There, Sasha begins the arduous odyssey of withdrawing from the various drugs she’s been shot up with. The sight won’t be pretty, but Cody will remain firmly by her side.

GH Spoilers: Presents Of Mind

Though she’s managed to plaster on a smile and go with the flow for quite some time, Trina (Tabyana Ali) finds herself reaching a breaking point when it comes to Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and the time that he’s spending in Esme’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) presence in order to soak up all the time with baby Ace that he can.

Spencer surprises Trina by granting her that she’s absolutely right. He then works to reassure her that she’s as much a priority to him as his brother. And to back up his claim, Spencer presents Trina with a token of his affection. Might they be the turtle dove earrings Cyrus (Jeff Kober) gifted him?

General Hospital Spoilers: Odds and Ends

In other General Hospital spoilers news, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) gets Felicia (Kristina Wagner) up to speed, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) put their heads together, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) is reminded that her babies are growing up, Tracy (Jane Elliot) refuses to budge, and Martin (Michael E. Knight) is met by a most unwelcome sight. Ex-wife number three, perhaps? Or, more likely, a bill that he doesn’t want to pay with his own money.

Meanwhile, Ava (Maura West) gets it from both ends. On her left, Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) implores her to do something she’d much rather not. On her right, Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), with the unsolicited and probably not at all appreciated advice.

Finally, GH spoilers have a fed-up Anna (Finola Hughes) confronting Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and demanding an explanation for his shady antics.

In case you missed it, mornings on Soap Hub are for commentary or wild speculation about General Hospital’s current stories — where they’re going, how they’re doing, and sometimes just what we’re hoping we will see in the near future in Port Charles. We’re particularly fond of this one, so please click here to read it.

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