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GH Spoilers Speculation: Tracy and Gregory Make a Love Match

Is this who the other has been looking for on GH?

gh spoilers speculation for tracy and gregory in a romance.Tracy Quartermaine may be protesting too much.

Long-time soap fans know what those GH spoilers were trying to tell us about Tracy and Gregory. We saw sparks. And we’re betting the characters felt them, too. Tracy has always been a dynamic, compelling character…with an unlucky love life. Now, we realize that describes almost every citizen of Port Charles.

GH Spoilers Speculation

But unlike some, Tracy (Jane Elliot) has always deserved better. She deserved a man from whom she wasn’t a consolation prize or a means to an end. Yes, we’re looking at you, Lord Ashton. And Senator Mitch. And Serial Killer Paul. And flake Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). Could Gregory be that guy?

GH: I Want To Know What Love Is

Sure, Luke loved Tracy. But there was no disputing that the grand, passionate love affair of his life was…someone else. No matter how often he would later claim the whole marriage and family thing was a suffocating trap. We were there. We saw. We knew better.

But when it comes to Gregory (Gregory Harrison), it sounds like he loved his wives, Finn’s (Michael Easton) mother, and Jackie (Kim Delaney) well enough. But it wasn’t one of those once-in-a-lifetime things. Especially after it came out that Jackie slept with Finn the night before her wedding to Gregory and, for a while, it looked like Finn was Chase’s (Josh Swickard) father. That’ll really throw a bucket of cold water over the past 30 years. Could Tracy be the one to actually sweep Gregory off his feet?

GH Spoilers: The Other Woman

For a while there, it looked like something might happen between Gregory and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). But there are two problems with that scenario. First, Alexis’s men have a nasty tendency to end up dead. And second, Gregory already has a terminal illness. And Alexis’s digging around to discover his secret left a bad taste in many folks’ mouths. Including Gregory’s. And the audience.

With Tracy, he’d have a clean slate. Also, Tracy doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. A problem Alexis has never been able to shake. With Tracy, what you see is what you get. And it’s the same with Gregory. Which might make this relationship a refreshing change for both of them.

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