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GH Spoilers Speculation: Selina’s Poker Game Leads To Mayhem

Who will die to fulfill this GH crime?

gh spoilers speculation banner over selina wu.What will Selina Wu do?

GH spoilers are suggesting that Selina Wu isn’t about to shut down her very profitable poker game. No matter who has to get hurt. (Except her, natch.) There is already so much crime in Port Charles, between the murder and the kidnapping and the stalking and the fires, is a little gambling really something the police ought to be taking up their time with?

GH Spoilers Speculation

It was happening non-stop in Casablanca, and that movie was the better for it. Selina (Lydia Look) is only enhancing the Port Charles visitor experience. And she intends to keep doing so…indefinitely.

Full Calendar

Curtis (Donnell Turner) currently has a lot on his plate. He’s paralyzed, he’s freaking out about what that means for his relationship with his wife, and he has a new, fully grown daughter. Wouldn’t Curtis’s life be so much easier if he sold Selina The Savoy? Or, at least, get his dad to back off and let Selina do her criminal thing!

GH Spoilers: Voice of Experience

Of course, Sonny (Maurice Benard) has advised Selina to pull the plug. Anyone sensible always listens to Sonny. After all, Sonny always makes excellent life choices. It’s why he married Carly (Laura Wright) all those times. But, Selina isn’t sensible. Selina is a survivor.

All’s Fair in Love and Stuff

Survivors don’t back down when the going gets tough. Selina is ready to go to war. Will Curtis get caught in the crossfire? Will Marshall? Will Portia (Brook Kerr)? Will Trina (Tabyana Ali)? Maybe we can bring Brad (Parry Shen) out from wherever he’s been hiding since his bestie passed away. Selina does care about her nephew. If Brad gets taken out due to Selina’s greed, she may stop and reconsider her own life choices. Then again, without Brad, who would Selina have to go straight for?

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