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GH Spoilers Speculation: Here’s Who Victor Is Using Against Holly

Whom does Holly love enough to go this far for?

GH Spoilers Holly Sutton and Victor Cassadine

It’s no secret by now that Holly Sutton is being forced against her will to distract Robert Scorpio and make sure Anna Devane goes to jail. But GH spoilers have been vague about who exactly Victor Cassadine is holding hostage in order to make her do her bidding. Exactly who could “he” be?

GH Spoilers: Son Of Mine

It’s got to be Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons), 75% of you predict confidently. Ethan is the only person on Earth whose welfare Holly (Emma Samms) would put ahead of her feelings for Robert (Tristan Rogers). He’s the son she walked away from once, so she obviously would never do it again.

He is also about the only person on Earth whom Robert — and Anna (Finolas Hughs), too — would understand about Holly putting ahead of them. Didn’t Anna tell Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) that she would kill for her daughter — and would forgive Valentin for doing the same for his. She would probably extend the same courtesy to Holly.

The Other General Hospital Guy

Didn’t Holly seem a little too shocked to hear about Luke Spencer’s (Anthony Geary) death, 20% wonder suspiciously? Methinks she was protesting too much, no? Holly must know that Luke is alive and that he’s the person Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) is using to manipulate her. That time when she slapped him for Luke’s death, she made her true feelings very clearly known.

GH Spoilers: Stranger Danger

About 4% voted for it being someone else. Who else does Holly love enough to do this? Is there another surprise on the horizon? This small portion of the voters could end up being right.

Identical GH Cousins

Holly once has a cousin named Alistair Durban (Charles Shaughnessy). He looked an awful lot like Victor. Maybe because they’re played by the same actor. We managed to find 1% of fans who think that he’s the prisoner. Bring on the dual role!

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