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GH Spoilers Speculation: Charlotte Ends ‘Vanna’

Will a GH teen succeed where her evil grandmother failed?

gh spoilers speculation banner over charlotte, valentin, and anna.Will Vanna's GH love survive?

GH spoilers are making fans rip their hair out, as it looks like Valentin will continue lying to Anna about Charlotte being the one to trash her hotel room — and perhaps set her house on fire. And put out a hit on her. Papa’s darling is one precocious little girl! Will this latest lie be the one that finally ends the couple once and for all?

GH Spoilers Speculation: Second Place

Even when they first started sleeping together, Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) made it clear to each other that they’d always prioritize each other — except when it came to their respective daughters. Valentin would never be more important to Anna than Robin (Kimberly McCullough), and Anna would never be more important to Valentin than Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). Does Anna remember that conversation?

General Hospital: Fair Warning

If she does, then she might be somewhat understanding once the truth finally comes out. She’ll understand why Valentin thought he had to put Charlotte first. And why that meant lying to the woman who, as far as we can tell, would be totally on his side and would likely agree that Charlotte needs help, not punishment? She might tell him he was wrong for shutting her out. But she’ll sympathize with his reasoning.

GH Spoilers: Late Night

That is, if the truth comes out before Charlotte hurts somebody else. Anna already blames herself for Curtis (Donnell Turner) being in the line of fire and ending up paralyzed as a result. She won’t be able to handle another injury on her conscience.

If Charlotte does more damage because Valentin refused to reign her in, especially to someone Anna cares about — like, say, Robert (Tristan Rogers) — then all bets are off on the forgiveness front. She’ll cut Charlotte out of her life. And Valentin right along with her. In the end, a kid will be able to pull off what even her grandmother couldn’t.

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