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GH Spoilers Speculation: Carly Chooses Sonny Over Drew

Does a GH absence make the heart grow fonder?

carly spencer drew cain general hospitalWill Carly choose Sonny over Drew?

GH spoilers continue wanting us to believe that Drew will continue to languish in prison indefinitely, while Sonny and Nina are headed for wedded bliss – with Carly long lost in the rear-view mirror. But is that really the case? Can Carly and Sonny ever stay away from each other for long? Especially with Nina’s secret about blabbing on Drew to the SEC there in the background, bobbing up and down, begging for some attention?

Old College Try

Carly (Laura Wright) is trying really, really hard to convince herself that she is head over heels for Drew (Cameron Mathison). And Drew is trying even harder to act like he believes her. They may have fooled themselves. But they haven’t fooled the viewers.

GH Spoilers: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

In a way, it’s easier for Carly to keep up the charade of loving Drew while he is in prison. After all, he is doing it for her. How can she not love a man who would throw away his life for her? It’s kind of Carly’s minimum requirement. And, while he’s somewhere else, Carly can only remember the good things about him. She doesn’t have to live with those minor irritations that all couples who are actually not separated by the long arm of the law have to deal with. It’s when Drew comes back that the real trouble will start.

Head to Head

Once Drew returns to Port Charles, Carly will have to compare him to Sonny (Maurice Benard). And we all know nothing can compare to Sonny. If faced with a choice, Carly will always put Sonny first. The same goes for Sonny. Once he learns that Nina (Cynthia Watros) did something to hurt Carly – oh, and Drew, too – he will go running to her side. She will remember what he means to her. He will remember what she means to him. Drew and Nina Who?

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