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GH Spoilers For December 9: Did Ryan And Heather Make An Esme?

Does Esme have two crazy parents?

GH Spoilers For December 9, 2022

GH spoilers for Friday, December 9, 2022, reveal surprise reunions, wrong conclusions, shocking accusations, and so much more. You won’t want to miss an exciting moment of this new episode.

GH Spoilers Highlights

Heather Webber (Alley Mills) is so happy to have a friend in Spring Ridge, and that friend is none other than Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). Will he break character for her and actually speak rather than blink when she calls him lover and rejoices in them both being together again for the first time in years?

We know Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) has to have a mother out there somewhere, and both of her parents being insane would explain a lot. Did Esme ever stand a chance at a normal life if this is the DNA she ended up with? Does Ace even stand a chance when he or she is born? It should be fascinating to learn what really happened between Heather and Ryan, and we’re about to learn a lot.

General Hospital Spoilers: Wrong Conclusions Everywhere

When Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) sees Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) on a romantic date with Rory Cabrera (Michael Blake Kruse) and hears Rory’s declarations of love, he is stunned. He thought maybe he had a chance with Trina now, but it looks like she has moved on. Does he not notice that she looks like a deer caught in the headlights hearing Rory’s proclamation? When Rory presents Trina with a gift, Spencer thinks he has lost her for sure.

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Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) also jumps to some conclusions, and spoilers say he is stunned by what he sees. Does he spot that bottle of prenatal vitamins with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) after seeing the same bottle at Wyndemere? Does he think Elizabeth is pregnant with Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) child? Probably and probably, and Liz is going to have to either tell him the truth or allow him to believe she is with child.

General Hospital: Sonny And Nina News

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is not happy after his meeting with Heather. He thinks Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) wasn’t careful enough and fears that Heather will still try to identify him. Sonny tells Dex that he has made too many mistakes at this point and puts the young man on notice.

For some reason, Nina Reeves decides she wants to get along with Josslyn Jacks and tries to make inroads with her. When Josslyn isn’t receptive to anything she has to say, Nina assures her that she can fake getting along if Joss can.

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