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General Hospital Spoilers Wild Spec: Sonny Gives Up His Life of Crime

General Hospital SonnyGeneral Hospital Sonny

If you’ve followed General Hospital spoilers for years, then you know that Sonny only turned to a life of mob bossing because he had no other choice in the matter. He did it for the good of others! (Remember that dream he had where, if he hadn’t become a teenage killer, that somehow would have led to Robin Scorpio dying of AIDS?)

General Hospital Spoilers Wild Spec

Now Sonny (Maurice Benard) can’t walk away from the destiny that was forced upon him because who knows what would happen if he did? Or could he?

Knowledge is Power

Sonny is currently presumed dead. Which means we know what would happen if he gave up the mob life. The answer is… nothing that Jason (Steve Burton) and the company can’t manage. So there goes that excuse. No one is irreplaceable.

Heart Full Of Love

All GH viewers also know that everything Sonny does is motivated by love. If he didn’t have to… uhm… import coffee in order to protect those he loves, he would happily be a do-gooding pacifist vegan who helps underprivileged children learn to read.

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Well, now he has the chance! Now that Sonny has had the humble working man experience, he knows exactly what he’s been missing. And he knows it’s his for the taking!

Port Charles Precedent

Sonny wouldn’t be the first Port Charles power broker to give it all up while he was out of his mind. Back in 1986, Dr. Alan Quartermaine (yeah, Jason’s dad), was also presumed dead while he was actually wandering around, having lost his memory. Alan ended up on a wholesome farm, where he fell in love with wholesome Charity, who was so different from the wife he’d left behind.

What if Sonny meets a woman very different from Carly (Laura Wright)? What if she supports his current lifestyle in a way Carly never could? Even better, what if that woman is an equally amnesiac Nelle (Chloe Lanier), and the two decide to walk the straight and narrow together?

That would certainly be shocking — to Carly and Nelle’s mom Nina (Cynthia Watros). Will this wild spec come true? Stay tuned to find out. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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