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General Hospital Spoilers Wild Spec: Peter Kills Maxie After Childbirth

General Hospital Spoilers Wild Spec Peter and Maxie

General Hospital spoilers show Maxie is keen on keeping Peter away from their baby, and, rightfully so. He is a murderous monster with more and more dark secrets coming out by the day. Who would want him around precious cargo? But Maxie’s good intentions could cost her dearly. This is our wild speculation about what may happen.

General Hospital Spoilers Spec

The mere idea of not seeing his child had Peter (Wes Ramsey) issuing a stern warning to Maxie already. He let her know it would be a wildly big mistake to turn him away, and he would do everything in his power to be with his daughter. And, he means ANYTHING. Yes, even murder.

A Frightening Father

While Maxie (Kirsten Storms) played along for the sake of getting Peter out of her apartment, we have to wonder how long she can keep up the charade. She doesn’t have too many weeks left of her pregnancy and she is a fiercely protective mama bear.

So, what happens when Peter figures out Maxie is playing games? Well, we suspect that he’ll kill her, of course. Sweet Maxie barely gets to meet her sweet little girl before Peter slips in the room and does the unthinkable.

A Devious Plan

Peter has a dark side. So dark he would wait until Maxie is at her most vulnerable before making a move. Plus, he wants his heir. He would never sacrifice his child. We see him holding out until minutes after Maxie births their little girl and making his move. Poor Maxie will be too tired and weak to fight back. But if she were able to try to alert someone else, we could see him snapping.

A Maniac At Large

You bet your bottom dollar he will take his child and run. The big question is, will he get away with it? Our guess is yes. At least for a while. It is Peter and we know how he rolls. He somehow evades punishment for crime after crime and killing after killing.

Oh sure, he’ll go down eventually, but it may not be soon enough to save Maxie or keep her bundle of joy safe from Peter’s clutches. Of course, this is just our wild speculation so stay tuned to see how it really plays out.

How far do you think Peter will go? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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