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Father Knows Best: Will Peter Turn Into Faison On General Hospital?

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No one ever claimed that Peter was a nice guy at General Hospital. Well, Peter (Wes Ramsey) did, but about the only people who believed him were Maxie (Kirsten Storms), but her taste in men has always been questionable, Anna (Finola Hughes), who, as a cop and secret agent, used to be a pretty good judge of character. Except when it came to Peter, her son.

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Not so fast, there! Peter turned out to be not Anna’s son, but Alex’s. She found out a while ago, but kept the truth to herself, and continued to defend her bad seed. Now, however, Peter knows the truth. He used to think that it was Anna’s DNA that contributed to whatever good there was to find in him, and now that she’s not his mom, that’s all good. (Peter, sweetie, did nobody at your fancy Swiss boarding schools ever teach you that identical twins like Anna and Alex have the same DNA, so your theory is… questionable.)

Will this revelation drive Peter to fully embrace Daddy Faison’s (Anders Hove) dark side? Several thousand Soap Hub voters had to say:

Big Boom
A majority 55% of you see Peter as a powder keg that could blow at any moment and do absolutely anything. Since this was a character whose motives and actions have always been all over the place, even more uncertainty is most definitely not welcome.

Surrender, Peter
Now that Peter is convinced he is all bad to the bone, 33% of the audience believes that there will be nothing holding him back from unleashing his rage. Now that he finally has an excuse, there will be no reason for him even to pretend to be a decent human being.

Home Fires
Only 12% think that Peter’s love for Maxie and their unborn baby girl will keep him on the straight and narrow. He doesn’t want to turn into his dad. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listing for air times.

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