General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Wakes Up — Franco or Drew?

General Hospital SpoilersGeneral Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, December 17, 2019, reveal a day of surprises and danger. You won’t want to miss a moment of this edge-of-your-seat episode.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

While Andre (Anthony Montgomery) advised Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Cameron (William Lipton) that Franco (Roger Howarth), or at least the man they hope is Franco, is closer to waking up, they were surprised to see it happen so soon! His eyelashes flutter as Liz asks if he knows who she is.

Of course, “Drew” also knows who she is but is that who will wake up? Or will Liz get her miracle and Franco does the honor? One person who is dying to know that answer but is trying not to show it is Peter (Wes Ramsey). He has to cover his anxiety in front of Anna (Finola Hughes), though she can tell something up.

Still, seeing it and acting on it are two different things. Right now, Anna seems to suspect that Peter is in over his head but will she ever see the truth and realize that he’s far more dangerous than anyone realizes — besides Jason.

The Bodyguard

Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) has been feeling a tad invincible, thinking her secret bodyguard will come to her aid whenever she needs him and decides to prove it after Rocco teased her that he was imaginary. She jumps into the Port Charles River, freaking out the young boy — but he’s not the only one.

Lulu (Emme Rylan) feels helpless but Dustin (Mark Lawson) rises to the occasion, tearing off his coat to go after his new girlfriend’s daughter. He directs Lulu to call 9-1-1 before diving in.

Will he save the day and earn points with Lulu at the same time? And how will Charlotte react when Nik doesn’t show? Bet Mommy’s picture on her phone will come into play soon.

Helena’s Portrait: Up In Smoke

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is delighted. He’s thrilled that now that the portrait is gone, so are …continue reading on the next page —>

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