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General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Update for Dec 31 – Jan 4


The General Hospital (GH) weekly spoilers update for December 31st – January 4th is here!

Catch up on what you missed, get a sneak peek at what’s ahead, and see who won Soap Hub’s weekly cash prize! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for air times.

Weekly Update Transcript

The holidays brought a storm to General Hospital this week, and it won’t be calming down anytime soon!

After being given the chance to review a documentary about his own slayings from the past, Ryan looked ready to kill again, if only to hide the truth.

Another alleged blast from the past came for Drew and Jason, when a man from a time in those still-missing memories appeared in Port Charles, seemingly with some ominous aims.

There’s a chance for truths to be revealed… although they already were where Nelle was concerned, when she confessed to Liesl about Brad, Wiley, and the entire switching scheme.

The flurries are increasing, and next week could bring a gale! Here are the spoilers!

In the wake of her decisions, Kristina decides to change the direction that her life has been going, beginning a walk down a new path.

Drew may end up making similar strides… but not before confiding in Curtis about his own indecision.

Meanwhile, Laura will get drawn further into Ryan’s web, even allowing herself to be supported and comforted by the man who she believes is Kevin.

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