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A Very Special Episode: Who Deserves One on General Hospital?


A very special episode – also known as Emmy bait – is a way to take a closer look at one particular General Hospital charter. Obviously, Sonny (Maurice Benard) deserves one, because there was no GH before him and there could never be another one after him.

But what about another Port Charles stalwart? Almost 7000 voted on whose special episode you’d like to see next:

Stone Cold
Sonny #2, Jason (Steve Burton) is the obvious choice to get the second special episode built around him, 42% of you aver. Even when there were two Jasons on the canvas, it still wasn’t enough for you. You need an episode where every scene is about him!

Think of Laura
Oh, it turns out there was a GH prior to Sonny, after all. In fact, did you know the highest rated episode of not just GH but any soap of all time was Luke and Laura’s (Genie Francis) wedding? Maybe she deserves an episode to herself in that case, 24% concede.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Sit and Spin
What exactly goes on in Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) head? Why does he talk like that? A curious 14% of the audience is dying to find out!

Junior Achievement
Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) has a lot going on for a kid, 8% of viewers note. Maybe we should find out exactly what makes him tick. And, hey, Sonny, Jason, and Laura are family, they can make an appearance, too!

All the Sam
A slightly smaller 8%, however, would rather watch an entire episode devoted to Sam (Kelly Monaco). Maybe she could dance a little in it?

Ned Said
Poor Ned (Wally Kurth). Only 1% of you would like to watch an episode dedicated to him. But what if he went back to his Eddie Maine days? Rock and roll? Leather pants? Let’s see any of the above pull of those!

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