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Major Spoilers: Sonny’s Condition Takes A Nightmarish Turn!


It was bad enough when Sam shot Sonny on General Hospital (GH) and kicked him into a pit, leaving him for dead. Now Carly receives word that the man she loves has been killed. But will she believe it?

According to the Aug. 7 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Sonny isn’t the only one fighting for his life.

While we already know that Sam (Kelly Monaco) has been brought into the hospital in dire shape, Garvey is also there since Sonny shot him.

When Garvey is brought in, Carly (Laura Wright) sees him and he tells her that Sonny’s been killed.

“Of course, she’s horrified; she was the one who suspected something horrible happened to Sonny all along,” Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman tells Digest. “But at the same time, she refuses to believe it without a body.”

Carly has obviously lived in Port Charles for a long time now and knows how things work there.

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Sometimes you can’t even believe it when there is a body! But Carly tries to rally the troops to help her find Sonny (Maurice Benard) but it’s not an easy sell.

She squares off with Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), who doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. This upsets Carly, who believes she’s doing it because of his mafia ties. Well no matter, Carly is on the case.

Meanwhile, Sonny is seriously struggling. Not only was he shot and is losing blood, but also he’s confined in a small space.

Longtime fans know that Sonny suffers from claustrophobia after his stepfather locked him in a closet all those years ago.

This current situation makes everything that much worse. He needs to hold on until he’s found. It looks like he will be aided in that by a surprising source. Stay tuned.

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