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Jason WHO? Should Steve Burton Be A Totally New Character on General Hospital (GH)?

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As soon as word broke — weeks and weeks ago — that Steve Burton was headed back to General Hospital (GH), the speculation started flying.

Was he the real Jason, and Billy Miller just a brain-washed wannabe (see Todd Manning, Victor Lord Jr. on One Life To Live)? Was he a clone (see Reva Shayne Lewis, on Guiding Light)? Was he a long-lost twin (see… uhm… every soap opera ever)?

Or could he be a completely different character, with no relation to the Quartermaines, or — please, please, please — the Port Charles mob? Over 4,000 viewers lined up to speculate.

Newer Is Always Better
For the 65% of you who adore Billy Miller’s take on Jason — same black T-shirts, a wider variety of facial expressions — you fervently hope that Steve Burton will be playing someone completely new.

Hey, maybe Dylan McAvoy from The Young and the Restless (YR) is really, really deep undercover! If Burton plays Dylan, that will mean he has a thing for damsel-in-distress blondes. And not ex-criminal brunettes.

That means he will stay away from Sam (Kelly Monaco) and find a different love interest, allowing, Jason, Sam, Danny, and Scout’s little family to remain intact.

Jonesing For Jason
No, no, no, counter 34%. Steve Burton IS Jason. There can be no pretenders to the throne! You’ve missed the stoic hitman with his box of pain. And if you’ve missed him, imagine how Sam — or are you more Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) people? — must feel.

They’ll be so happy to get Original Recipe Morgan Man back, they’ll drop the impostor like a hot potato! Let Billy Miller flail about, trying to figure out who he really is.

Though, fans, be careful what you wish for. The last time that happened, on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), the impostor, John Black (Drake Hogysten) proved more popular than the original (Wayne Northrup) — and he got the girl in the end, too. And just found out who he was last year–we think.

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