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Should Sonny and Curtis Team Up on General Hospital?

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On General Hospital (GH), Curtis hasn’t always walked the straight and narrow. He’s broken into a bunch of places and stolen confidential information. But he hasn’t fully made the transition to the dark side — AKA All Hail Sonny.

Should he? After all, there are few professional opportunities for advancement in Port Charles that don’t go through the Corinthos Nostra.

And while PC cops and private investigators harass innocent mobsters and sociopaths, Sonny (Maurice Benard) stands for all that is good, right, and noble. Plus, he loves his family. Maybe you missed that? He mentions it so rarely.

Should Curtis (Donnell Turner) come to work for Sonny? Almost 7,000 fans offer career counseling!

Hero Or Sidekick?
Sonny used to have Jason. Now he might have two of them. Or none of them. Sonny is confused. He doesn’t know whom to pledge devotion to and whom to knock off for the good of his family (have you heard that he’ll do anything to protect his family?).

So, maybe, to make his life easier, Sonny should go with a new enforcer, and Curtis fits the bill, nominate 63% of you. He can buy him a black, leather jacket, teach him to speak in mono-syllables and put his pain in a box… This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Private Eyes Are Watching You
No, shout a crushed 36% of the audience! Not another good man lost to the Cult Of Sonny. Can’t anyone deflect his evil spell? Curtis is too smart, too independent, and yeah, we’ll say it, too cool to buy what Sonny is selling.

Besides, Curtis works best alone. He’s his own boss. He doesn’t take orders. In other words, hit the road, Sonny. Curtis is doing fine — and looking fine — on his own. He doesn’t need your organization. Not even if you have a generous dental plan.

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