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Saving Kiki: How General Hospital Can Use Hayley Erin The Right Way

Kiki General HospitalKiki General Hospital

General Hospital’s divine Hayley Erin has become a glorified extra in recent months, and the talented actress who plays Kiki deserves better.

Since the soap decided to part ways with her love interest, Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon), Kiki’s been languishing on the sidelines with virtually nothing to do but support her mad mama Ava (Maura West) and work, work, work. And, as they say, all work and no play, makes Kiki a dull girl, which she absolutely shouldn’t be.

Here are a few suggestions on how the show can save Kiki and utilize Hayley Erin.

Sexual Harassment
It’s the hottest topic in the news, so why not employ it in Port Charles? Kiki’s studying to be a doctor while working at the hospital. What if one of her superiors began to get a little too close for comfort and started making unwanted advances toward her?

James DePaiva’s Dr. Bensch seems like the perfect candidate. So far, he’s taken Kiki under his wing as a mentor, but what if that was all a ploy to gain her trust and he suddenly revealed a lecherous side?

It would totally amp up the drama and give both Erin and DePaiva something meaty to play.

The No-Brainer
Bring on a new hot guy for Kiki – a bad boy who reminds her of the late Morgan (Bryan Craig). She could bump into him at Kelly’s or Metro Court, or, perhaps, first meet the guy as a hospital patient, when she ends up tending to him after an accident.

Then, just as things start heating up between the two of them, have Dillon suddenly resurface. He’d have to fight to get back the girl he loves, but had been neglecting shamefully for months. And Kiki would have to figure out which guy best fits into her future.

Mama Drama
In the aftermath of Ava’s reconstructive surgery, Kiki and Griffin (Matt Cohen) could bond as they help her through the recovery process. Of course, they’ll both have high hopes that the removal of Ava’s burn scars won’t change the caring person she’s become since the horrific fire.

But with Ava’s history, she’s bound to disappoint them. It could lead Kiki and Griffin to seek comfort in each other and, in the process, make Ava’s fears about her daughter stealing her man come true. Knowing Ava and everything she’s capable of, she’d be bound to retaliate and the mere thought of it is scintillating.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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