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Safety First: Does Sam Need To Chill? Or Worry Forever on General Hospital?

When you’re married to the mob, it’s hard not to worry that your whole life will blow to bits (quite literally) at any moment. On General Hospital (GH), it sometimes feels that’s just another part of wedded bliss–or not-so-bliss.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) knew what she was doing when she fell for and married Jason all those years ago, and she never seemed to let it bother her. But sometimes life comes at you fast and what you thought was no problem, becomes one–a big one.

That seems to be what has happened in the New Life and Times of Jason and Sam, because after all, Sam already raised Danny thought toddlerhood on her own because Jason (then-Steve Burton) was shot in a mob hit and presumed dead.

Now that they have Danny and newborn Scout to take care of, and their happiness back, Sam can’t imagine the same thing happening again.

Wait, of course she can. She imagined it pretty big time the last few months and as a result, she shot Sonny (Maurice Benard) in the leg and left him to die in a ditch. Of course, she was delusional with toxoplasmosis at the time, but as Andre reminded her, those fears that caused her actions could be quite real.

Soap Hub asked if you think Sam has a right to worry so much for Jason’s (Billy Miller) safety, and your answers were surprising. Over 4,000 of you weighed in.

Sheesh, Calm Down!
It turns out 40% of you think she should chill because Jason is a big mob boy and can take care of himself.

Never mind when he was kicked into the river with a bullet in his body and disappeared for two years promptly to get hit by a car and have his face reconstructed. That was just ONE incident. Sam needs to forget that and trust her man.

Take It Down A Notch!
Another 33% of you think okay, worry, that’s what people do, but she really needs to keep it to herself and tone it down. Well, she IS kinda recovered now so we doubt she’ll be shooting practically-family members any time soon, but she may find out within days that her fears are well founded.

Then there are the 27% of you who are behind Sam and totally get where she’s coming from. Of course she’s scared! Jason is the king of car and motorcycle accidents, and the Prince of Bullet Holes (the King would be Sonny).

Worry, Sam, worry. It’s what good wives and mothers do when their husbands vanish for years at a time.

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