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Risky Business: Should Sonny Really Walk Away From The Mob?

As Sonny has said on General Hospital (GH), he spent a lifetime building up an organized crime empire in Port Charles, and giving it up will be hard. In fact, it’s clearly much harder than he thought.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) spent more than a year warning Julian that you just can’t walk away, yet didn’t seem to take his own advice when he met with The Five Families last week and told them he’s calling it a criminal day. He decided to hang up his mobster hat and split the “business” up.

Of course, things didn’t quite work out as planned as someone immediately decided to kill him, but ended up shooting Jason (Billy Miller) instead when Sam (Kelly Monaco) arrived and got in the way. Soap Hub asked if you think the risk is too great for Sonny to forge ahead with this new life.

Too Risky
Out of about 4,500 voters, 65% of you are on edge about this. They may be criminals who seem to shoot people for sport, but you love them anyway and are horrified about what happened to Jason, despite him claiming he was out of the business ages ago.

Both Sonny and Jason decided they wanted to live clean lives for the sake of their families. Jason already disappeared for two years and now has two small children to care for.

And, Sonny lost his adult son, Morgan (Bryan Craig), due to a mob hit last year. Maybe they have to accept the lives they chose and live with the consequences.

Just End It Already
The other 35% of you want Sonny to get out of the mob for good if only the show stops being all about the Sonny and the mob. It’s called General Hospital, not General Gangsters. You can’t deal with any more shootouts and car bombs and enough is enough no matter what happens to Sonny and his friends and family.

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