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Victor Cassadine Watches From Afar As The Nurses Ball Begins

The GH recap for April 3, 2023, has Nurses Ball red carpet moments.

the general hospital recap has victor cassadine seeing allVictor watched the Nurses Ball happenings.

The General Hospital recap features Victor Cassadine planning and plotting on the night of the Nurses Ball.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, the red carpet walk for the Nurses Ball got underway as your favorite Port Charles pals put on their finest and posed for the cameras. Victor took it all in on his laptop and was proud of Spencer. At the safe house, Lucy was losing her mind, and backstage, Maxie and Brook Lynn were also going crazy. Sonny and Nina found a few moments together, but Carly didn’t dare spend time with Drew. Back at the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael and Willow watched it all on TV. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Victor Cassadine Takes In General Hospital Red Carpet Glamour

Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) sat in his car and watched the Nurses Ball begin from his laptop as the red carpet arrivals and backstage chaos got underway.

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Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) took charge backstage at the Nurses Ball with the llama in place as Lucy (Lynn Herring) called Maxie’s phone incessantly. Lucy was all dressed up at the safe house, trying to find a way to escape because she was sure the ball couldn’t go on without her. Nothing seemed right about the red carpet moments, which was driving Lucy insane.

Sydney Val Jean (Chandra Wilson) hosted all the glamour. She made sure to dedicate the ball to Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) and Lucy, so Lucy was pleased by that news, but still itching to be there herself. Maxie and Bobbie were the first to make it onto TV screens, making Lucy seethe with jealousy.

Soon Carly (Laura Wright) and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) joined Bobbie on the red carpet, and Drew admired her from Willow and Michael’s TV. After a little interview, Carly and Joss easily noticed that Dex (Evan Hofer) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) walked in, but Sonny only had eyes for Nina (Cynthia Watros), while Dex had to pretend he barely knew Joss. Nina arrived with Curtis (Donnell Turner) on her arm, but as expected, she couldn’t stop smiling at Sonny.

Nina and Sonny managed to steal a moment alone together and remember their fire hall dance in Nixon Falls but knew they couldn’t be seen with each other for long.

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Victor was pleased to see Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) arrive all by himself to represent the Cassadines. The younger Cassadine tried to be diplomatic during his red-carpet interview but was soon distracted by Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) arrival. Pretty in pink, Trina only had eyes for Spencer and him for her. However, when they were asked if they were an item, they said they were just good friends.

GH Recap: More Nurses Ball Action

At the hospital, Ava (Maura West) arrived all decked out to get Austin (Roger Howarth), but first had a chat with Portia (Brook Kerr) and tried to convince her to go to the ball. She didn’t want to see Curtis, but Ava reminded her that Curtis is still her husband and Trina is still her daughter, so she should be there. Portia took Ava’s advice and made it to the ball quickly, only to run into Jordan on the red carpet. The two women put their feelings for one another aside and put on their best smiles.

Ava made a point of telling the world she was no longer Ava Cassadine during her time in front of the camera, but she was proud to introduce Austin as her date. Dante and Sam made their entrances, as well as Drew (Cameron Mathison), who was flying solo because he can’t let on that he is with Carly. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) also arrived on her own, and Finn (Michael Easton) jumped at the opportunity to escort her in while Chase (Josh Swickard) remained alone.

Backstage, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) was happy to see Chase, but he was cold and distant to her, reminding her of all her mistakes. He also told her she was incredible, but that didn’t mean he was ready to be with her romantically. Soon, Linc (Dan Buran) appeared and spoiled the moment, and BLQ looked like she wanted to deck him. He went on to follow her around backstage and reminded her of the terms of their Non-Disclosure Agreement, which Maxie told her isn’t valid anyway, but BLQ seems to have forgotten that.

General Hospital Recap: Victor Cassadine Prepares For Battle

Michael (Chad Duell) and Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) settled in for a quiet night at home, watching the ball on television. Michael tried to talk about them being there next year, but Willow didn’t want to think that far ahead. Drew soon walked in before he left for the ball and interrupted their moment just to tell them that they would be missed at the ball. Willow quickly fell asleep before the ball began. When she woke, Michael suggested they just go to bed, but Willow wanted to see all the fancy gowns.

Finally, Lucy just couldn’t take watching the ball on TV sober, so she put on her slippers and downed a bottle of champagne by herself while critiquing everything she saw. Too bad, Victor’s goon learned the route to the safe house taken by her ride share and told Victor exactly where he could find her, Anna (Finola Hughes), and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart).

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