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Nina Reeves Vows To Make Carly Pay But Liesl Warns Her Not To

The General Hospital recap for January 19 show Liesl actually giving some great advice.

nina reeves waiting for results wearing orange is comforted by liesl obrecht general hospital recapNina Reeves and Liesl Obrecht

The General Hospital recap features Nina Reeves telling two more people about her a reaffirmed alliance, sympathy, accusations, offense taken, as well as a request and big news.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Austin (Roger Howarth) and Liesl hear Nina’s big news, Dex reassured Michael, Joss was sympathetic, Portia and Curtis’s request of Marshall didn’t get the reaction that they expected, and Sonny’s accusation offended Carly (Laura Wright). Now let’s take a deeper look at what happened.

Nina Reeves Shares Her Big News

Austin Gatlin-Holt walked in on Nina (Cynthia Watros) waiting to find out her blood results, and she spilled the Willow-is-her-daughter news. Nina confided in him, but she was exhausted, and he asked if he could help in any way. He left her alone and called Liesl (Kathleen Gati) to say Nina needed her. She filled Liesl in about her daughter but worried it was bad timing. Liesl put her fears to rest and said she’d never begrudge Nina getting to be a mom.

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Nina told her how she felt about Carly keeping the secret and feeling helpless. Liesl said she’s not helpless. She railed against Carly and then told Liesl she could kill her. Nina copped to her mistakes and knows she has to make it up to Willow, but even before she found Sonny, Carly was trying to undermine her with Wiley and reinforce Michael and Willow’s horrible feelings toward her. She swore she’d make Carly suffer, and Liesl knew how she felt but advised against her striking back. Nina asked where her Aunt Liesl was. Liesl said she needs to keep her focus on Willow. She can’t do that if she’s consumed by revenge. She begged Nina not to squander her second chance to be a mother.

GH Recap: Wise Words and Broken Hearts

Joss (Eden McCoy) overheard Cam (William Lipton) telling Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) that he was so angry with Joss over the breakup. Joss was there to get Willow pie, and it was all kinds of awkward. When Cam went to get it, Spencer took her to task for showing up there, but she didn’t know he’d be working. Spencer tried to pry into why they broke up, and Joss told him to back off. She said she’d never have asked him to choose sides, but he obviously has. She explained she still cares but would leave and headed out despite Cam saying to come back. Cam turned on Spencer and said he asked him to stop fighting his battles. Spencer just wanted to help him. Spencer brought up that he doesn’t think Joss is being straight with him. He said Joss has always been honest with him, so if she says they grew apart, he has no reason to doubt her.

Michael (Chad Duell) was shocked to see Dex (Evan Hofer) at General Hospital and asked what he was doing there. They moved to the stairwell, and Michael reiterated he should stick to the plan to take down Sonny. Michael asked about his phone call the other night, but Dex changed his mind about telling him about Joss and said it was about Sonny. Joss came back and gave the pie to Michael and picked up on his anger toward their mom. He also dropped the Nina is Willow’s mom truth bomb on her. It was a lot for Joss to absorb, but she was glad their mom eventually told the truth. She also pointed out they didn’t know Willow was sick cause they kept it secret, so why blame Carly? Michael not only blamed her — he wasn’t sure he could ever forgive her. Joss suggested he cool off before talking to their mom.

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General Hospital Recap: Facing the Music

Sonny (Maurice Benard) offered to leave when he saw Carly, but she said they were at the chapel for the same thing, so it’s fine. He said they’d have known a long time ago if she hadn’t kept the secret. Carly tried to explain, but Sonny wasn’t buying it. He said she owed Nina an explanation, and Carly was adamant she did not. He also said she’ll owe that baby if she loses her mom because of the secret Carly kept. Carly said that was a low blow. She would never have kept the secret if she’d known Willow was sick.

Sonny spoke up for what she put Nina through. Carly told him what Willow said about what if someone like Nina had been her mom, so she kept quiet. She thought she did it for the greater good of her family — and he can’t say he doesn’t understand that. Sonny said she’s lying to herself, but she won’t lie to him — Nina suffered, and she liked it. Sonny told Carly to stop justifying her lies. She said the Sonny she knew would have understood doing something for her family but that Sonny is gone. He said he has changed — they don’t have to keep doing the same things they always have. She left, and Dex went in. But Sonny said later — he wanted to see Nina as Dex later met up with Joss and suggested they take off. Sonny found Nina after Liesl left, and she said Liesl reminded her not to give up on her daughter.

Liesl found Austin and asked him the whereabouts of Esme Prince and if she was still at the hospital. He broke the news to her that she was arraigned, but he had no idea if she was free or incarcerated. He was called away as Liesl vowed she will be okay — as soon as she tracks down Ms. Prince.

Portia (Brook Kerr) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) talked about their upcoming wedding and Italian honeymoon. Just as things started to heat up, Marshall (Robert Gossett) arrived. He tried to make himself scarce, but they wanted to ask for his help. They asked him to play a clarinet solo at the ceremony. He was honored but didn’t think he could. He fears he couldn’t learn it in time. Curtis pushed, but Marshall pushed back and said he couldn’t…he didn’t trust himself. After his diagnosis, he felt himself going to a scary place when he does a solo, so that’s why he plays with a group. He can’t risk ruining their big day. Portia once again brought up checking his diagnosis, but when he resisted, she asked why. He said it’s because it’s too late.

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