Nikolas Threatens Avery, Ava Jerome Takes Action

The GH recap for February 6, 2023 has Ava losing it when Nik goes too far.

general hospital recap has ava jerome hitting nikolas cassadine over the headAva Jerome snaps when Nik threatened Avery.

The General Hospital recap features Ava Jerome doing what she had to do when Nikolas made a surprising threat.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Nikolas told Ava (Maura West) exactly what went on in the north tower of Wyndemere while Laura begged Spencer to tell her what incriminating information he has on his father. Trina hoped that Spencer was okay as she bonded with TJ, who gave her more insight into the young Cassadidne. Elizabeth agreed to consider not turning herself in to the police after Finn begged her not to. And finally, Chase decided to stick with the music biz in a bid to play hero. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Ava Jerome Heard A Full Confession

Ava didn’t want to listen to anything Nikolas (Adam Huss) had to say when he showed up at Wyndemere a hot mess looking to tell all. He was furious that she used Spencer to help take another child from him and ended up confessing everything that happened in the north tower when Ava brought up his alleged affair with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). She heard all about him locking up a pregnant Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) and the prenatal vitamin misunderstanding that led to Liz telling Finn she was pregnant.

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After Nikolas told her that Esme was just a one-night mistake and he was never unfaithful to her again, Ava began to soften toward him, but Nikolas wasn’t finished. Now that she had tried to take one child from him by using another, he was going to enact revenge and use Victor to take Avery from Ava. When Nikolas tried to walk away, Ava knew she had to stop him, so she grabbed a statue and clocked him over the head.

Outside Kelly’s, Austin (Roger Howarth) warned Mason (Nathanyael Grey) to stay away from Ava, but he didn’t trust his cousin. After Mason left, he called Ava and got her voicemail. Not satisfied, it looked as if he was going to take the launch to Spoon Island.

General Hospital Recap: Laura Collins Begged Spencer

At the hospital, Laura (Genie Francis) implored Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) to tell her what was going on in the chapel with him and his father. She said she had a right to know if Nikolas did anything illegal, and Spencer told her it was best she was kept in the dark. Laura then tried to reason with Spencer about his custody goals, reminding him how hard it would be to take care of an actual baby.

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She also begged him to not throw away his relationship with Nikolas for good. When Spencer said he wanted his father out of his life, Laura blamed herself for Nikolas’s problems, saying she never should have left Cassadine island and instead should have raised her eldest son.

GH Recap: Trina Robinson Worries

Trina (Tabyana Ali) wanted to find Spencer and see if he was okay but ended up talking with TJ (Tajh Bellow) instead, and he told her all about how Spencer was a lonely little boy who seemed to only want to be a grown man.

In Finn’s (Michael Easton) office, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) was adamant that she would tell the police everything she did with Nikolas and Esme, but Finn told her that he just would not allow it. She had to think of her boys and how so much responsibility would then fall on Cameron (William Lipton). Liz said she would tell the truth for her boys so they can see she is a person who does the right thing in the end. She finally agreed not to say anything to the police till morning.

General Hospital Recap: Second Thoughts

When Chase (Josh Swickard) saw Linc (Dan Buran) grab Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) knee, he wanted to punch him out again, but Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) managed to talk him out of it. Brook Lynn ended up signing Linc’s NDA, agreeing to never tell anyone how he sexually harasses women. She then told Chase she got her songs back, so he didn’t have to sing anymore.

Chase informed Brook Lynn that he couldn’t allow Blaze to work for Linc without him there and that he would continue to sing until Linc was brought down. Blaze was thrilled when Chase announced they would be recording a new duet.

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