Magical Selina Wu Makes Cody And Gladys Behave

The GH recap for June 22, 2023, has Selina Wu giving orders.

the general hospital recap for june 22 2023 has selina wu solving problems.Selina Wu is back in town and taking charge.

The General Hospital recap features Selina Wu making sure her poker game remains a place of peace and harmony.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Selina settled things between Cody and Gladys and made them play nice as Sasha denied that Cody had feelings for her. Kristina and Sam caught up and discussed Molly’s condition before Spinelli arrived with some news. At the courthouse, Zeke proved he was a bad secret keeper AND a bad lawyer as Drew didn’t get what he wanted. Finally, Tracy and Alexis sparred while Gregory didn’t like what he heard.

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General Hospital Recap: Selina Wu Enters The Scene

Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) told Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) that Cody (Josh Kelly) absolutely did not have feelings for her, and they were just friends. Lucy pointed out that things might be platonic for Sasha but maybe not for Cody. Sasha was shocked to hear this, but she wasn’t sure she should pursue anything romantic with him while she was still grieving Brando. Maxie understood how she felt as she lost Nathan, but acknowledged that everyone grieves differently.

Once alone, Sasha looked at a pic of Brando and wondered aloud if she would ever be over him, not realizing her psychiatrist had approached the table. He sat with her and explained that he felt she was expressing her emotions in a healthy way, giving Sasha more confidence that her guardianship would end.

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Cody thought they had Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) right where they wanted her, but she still did her best to talk her way out of this bracelet mess. She didn’t believe they had evidence since they didn’t bother turning it over to the police. She also claimed they couldn’t have gotten anything off her fitness app because she left her phone at home the night of the ball.

Just then, a waiter dropped to the ground the microphone Sam left in an issue of Crimson, and Selina Wu (Lydia Look) found it. When she pointed out what kind of mic that was, Gladys was shocked but not shocked that she was being recorded. Selina tried to figure out what the tension she sensed was all about and then insisted on mediating.

General Hospital Recap: Selina Wu Tosses Evidence

Before she joined Gladys and Cody, Selina tossed the mic into the pool. Then, she took charge and demanded that Cody and Gladys make peace before telling Gladys that she needed to see to it that the charges against Cody were dropped. Once alone with Cody, Selina warned him to stop causing trouble.

Gladys also paid Selina some of what she owed her but then got an offer from Sasha’s psychiatrist to settle her debt — for a price, of course.

Earlier, Kristina (Kate Mansi) pushed Sam (Kelly Monaco) to find out what she was up to, but Sam got her sister out of there quickly so she wouldn’t ruin her cover. When they had a chance to talk alone, Kristina voiced her concerns about Molly (Holiday Mia Kriegel), who wasn’t responding to texts with anything but emojis. Kristina had also been doing her research and realized just how much physical pain Molly had been in. Sam was confident that Molly and TJ would be fine when all was said and done.

When Spinelli joined them and showed Sam the wet mic, she sent Kristina away again. Spinelli explained to Sam that it was odd how both Cody and Gladys seemed to be under Selina’s thumb and were deferential to her the moment she arrived.

GH Recap: Drew Is In Big Trouble

Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) arrived in the courtroom so Drew could throw himself on his sword and abandon his daughter, all for the sake of Carly. Michael (Chad Duell) soon joined them to discuss the Ned situation, but Michael didn’t care because he blamed the whole insider trading mess on Ned. At least Drew insisted that Ned wasn’t the only one to blame. Michael was also worried that Drew’s idea might hurt Carly since everything is all about Carly.

Finally, the hearing began, and Drew pleaded guilty as expected (and which he is). The judge was unhappy with the deal and felt it was a miscarriage of justice. Drew didn’t deserve six months in Spring Ridge. He deserved the maximum sentence of 20 years in Pentonville. Zeke (Gavin Houston) tried to argue that Drew was a family man, but the judge didn’t care. However, he decided to be lenient and only give Drew three years behind bars.

GH Recap: Gregory Misunderstands Everything

Finn (Michael Easton) and Gregory (Gregor Harrison) met up in his office to discuss a trip to Disney World, but Gregory didn’t like the idea anymore. He wasn’t about to leave his job at The Invader but was still determined to make the trip happen. They then got to talking about Tracy, someone Gregory doesn’t like. Finn did his best to defend his old friend, so Gregory decided he’d give her another chance.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) stopped by GH to visit Ned (Wally Kurth) and was forced to try to comfort Tracy (Jane Elliot). The two women ended up sparring as expected, but Tracy then nearly broke down. She could barely handle the idea of her son not knowing who she was.

Tracy was also worried about Leo while wondering if Ned was trying to escape his real life by convincing himself he was Eddie Maine. Alexis didn’t quite buy that theory, but Tracy grew impatient with the doctors and their non-answers. Alexis just urged Tracy to be patient and go along with Ned’s Eddie Maine life for the moment. Gregory overheard Tracy getting testy with Alexis, and he didn’t like that.

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