General Hospital: Should Drew Cain Sacrifice All for Carly?

Why is Scout less important than Donna on GH?

drew cain made a big move on general hospital.Is this the best choice for Drew?

When it came down to a choice on General Hospital, should Drew Cain go to jail for the crime he and Carly committed, or should Carly, the obvious choice was…duh, Drew. Drew chose to fall on his sword to protect the woman he loves, not to mention her daughter, who would be totes sad if Mommy went to jail.

General Hospital Polling

When Sam (Kelly Monaco) had the gall to ask what about Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) own daughter, Scout, and her sads, Drew shrugged it off. Is he making the right call?

General Hospital: Drew Cain Did It All For Carly

How could putting Carly (Laura Wright) first, ever be wrong, 13% of the audience asks? Isn’t that what everyone should be doing? It’s what Sonny (Maurice Benard) was willing to do. And if Carly’s ex-husband understood the necessity, how could Carly’s current boy toy think any differently?

GH: Split the Difference

Sam may have had a point. Scout will miss her daddy and their fun sleepovers. So Drew going to prison isn’t the best possible outcome. But it’s still better than the one where Carly has to go to jail, and Donna is the one crying herself to sleep, 32% of you defend. This is the best of two bad options. And not only because Carly drives more story than Drew could ever dream of.

General Hospital: Drew Cain Explain It To Me Slowly

But, in the end, a winning 55% majority are completely confused by Drew’s decision. Why are Carly and Donna more important than Scout, not to mention Jake and Danny, to whom Drew has been more of a father figure than the now once again dead Jason (Steve Burton) ever was?

Yes, Drew was involved in insider trading. But not more than Carly. They are both guilty — Carly even more so than him. He only passed on the confidential information. She’s the one who actually acted on it. They should both be punished.

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