Heather Webber Finally Met — and Scared — Her Daughter Esme

The General Hospital recap for January 18, 2023 had a huge moment for a very crazy Heather Webber.

general hospital recap had esme prince arrive at spring ridge to meet heather webber and be scaredEsme and Heather

The General Hospital recap features Heather Webber getting a reunion with her daughter years in the making, a mother apologizing to her son and almost daughter, another mother trying to save her daughter, and a mother praying she’ll live long enough to meet her daughter.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Esme was the one to get scared as she made her first friend, Sonny supported Nina, Carly faced the music, Michael and Willow are worried about their future, and Anna and Valentin turned to someone they shouldn’t trust. Now let’s take a deeper look at what happened.

Heather Webber Scares Her Scary Kid

Heather (Alley Mills) saw Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) at Spring Ridge and tried to comfort the obviously troubled young woman. She almost called herself her mother but instead said mate — in lockup. She chatted up the amnesiac and introduced herself. She suggested some occupational therapy — making friendship bracelets. The very thought upset Esme, who said she was told she didn’t have any, but Heather wanted to fix that. Esme wondered why she cared what happens to her. Heather deflected and went on to tell her to avoid Ryan Chamberlain at all costs. Esme still wondered why she should trust her.

So the woman she had no idea was her mother spoke of the pain of what happened to her sons and daughter. Heather told the tale of her baby being taken — prompting Esme to wish someone would take hers. This set Heather off, telling her never to say anything like that — how it was the worst thing ever. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to have her girl back, hurting Esme. Nervous, Esme asked a guard if her room was ready, but Heather begged her not to go. Instead, she apologized…but then started asking questions about the baby, but it was too late — Esme was on high alert, saying they just met, so mind her own business. Heather was pleased to see that Esme cares as much for her child as she does for her own.

GH Recap: Valentin and Anna On Their Caper

Anna (Finola Hughes) wasn’t thrilled when Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) catacombs expert pal, Renée cozied up to Valentin and threw their obviously amorous past in her face. They asked if their plan could work, and she said no — unless she was part of it. She said it’s not a catacomb but a network of mines. After the woman left to check on things, Valentin explained his part in the smash-and-grab robberies with Renée, but there was never a real connection with them. Anna realized that and promised it wasn’t jealousy, but she wondered if they can trust Renée. He said with Lucy’s life at stake, there was no time for them to find anyone else.

Elsewhere, Renée met up with a guard of Victor’s, handed him a wad of cash, and asked him to ask his boss what it would be worth to be served up his son and Anna Devane. She returned to their hotel room and asked if things were on — Anna and Valentin said they were.

Back in Port Charles at Kelly’s, Ava (Maura West) met up with Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and told him she planned to go after Wyndemere. He said his attachment isn’t what it was. But he wanted to discuss the baby — and how he never wants his father to have it. Ava admitted she once believed in her marriage, and Spencer apologized for thinking she was the root of his issues with his father. Now he knows it was Nikolas.

Ava pointed out it wasn’t all Nik’s fault — there was also Esme. Spencer admitted he wants custody of his sibling, surprising Ava. She asked Diane’s reaction, and he admitted she said it was a long shot. Ava asked what Trina thought of his plan and realized he hadn’t told her. Ava warned him that wasn’t smart not to loop her in. He said he didn’t ask her there for advice — he wanted her to join him in his fight against his dad. Ava warned him Nik would go dirty, and he’d need someone willing to get down and dirty on his side. He asked if she knew of someone, and Ava pointed to herself and smiled.

General Hospital: Nina Waits On Pins and Needles

Nina (Cynthia Watros) was excited, trying to find out if she was a match. Sonny (Maurice Benard) tried to calm her down and said he’d do anything needed to help her save Willow. TJ (Tajh Bellow) wanted to be there when Nina got tested. TJ explained the cheek swab she had was only the first step. Nina’s excitement increased, and Sonny wanted a moment to bring his lady love back down to earth. Nina said she needed something from him — to be happy for her. He is but was still mad at Carly (Laura Wright).

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Nina wanted to keep focus — save Willow. She could deal with Carly another time. TJ was ready to begin, so Sonny left. Later, TJ returned and was surprised to find Nina still there. She wanted to know what was next, fully believing she’d be a match. The doc said Willow would have to have the baby, then a round of chemo, and after that, they’d take stem cells from her and then inject them into Willow’s bloodstream. She remained determined that it must all go well.

Earlier, Willow and Michael spoke with TJ about moving forward. TJ let them know Nina arrived for her follow-up tests. The duo tried to wrap their heads around the news about Nina being Willow’s mom, and Michael wished he had just known sooner. Michael spotted the reason he didn’t — his mother and went to her to say now wasn’t the time, but then Willow wanted to see her. “We learned the hard way that keeping silent does the most harm,” said Willow, causing Carly to try to sincerely apologize and say if she knew that night when Harmony died what she knew now, she’d have done things differently.

Michael asked if she was now blaming Willow for keeping the secret. Carly said she understood and was in awe of her courage, but she swore she never would have kept the secret if she knew what she was facing. Willow wondered, even if she knew it was Nina. Carly insisted she wouldn’t ever put Willow at risk. Michael said to call it what it was — revenge. Willow interrupted and asked to speak to Carly alone.

Willow understood Carly but said she owed it to her to tell her the truth — she’s not made of glass, and she should have trusted her to be able to handle it. Carly said she was right. She did the very thing she’d hate if done to her. She didn’t trust her to stand up for herself and asked for her forgiveness. Willow already had. Carly then had tears falling as she told her she loved her like her own daughter and said if she needs anything, just ask. Willow asked for her to go hug Wiley for her. Before leaving, Carly said she was praying for Nina to save her and the baby. So is Willow.

Sonny went to see Willow, who couldn’t believe she was asking how Nina was doing. Willow said if she’s no longer there, he must do whatever he can to earn back Michael’s trust and forgiveness. He said he’d do what he can.

Carly found Michael praying for Willow and asked if there was room in his heart for her too. He said only Willow matters, and he couldn’t deal with her right then. Carly stayed behind in the chapel to light a candle when Sonny entered.

Michael returned to Willow, asking if there was any news. She said not yet, and he admitted that she might be able to forgive his mom, but he’s not sure he can.

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