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The Mother Of All Retcons: General Hospital and Heather Webber

All her children…that she gave away.

General Hospital Heather Webber

Heather Webber arrived on General Hospital as a social-climber willing to do anything to get ahead in life. Her mother was a housekeeper, and Heather certainly wasn’t about to follow in Alice Grant’s footsteps. She seduced Dr. Jeff Webber and got pregnant, but when he wasn’t interested, she headed off to New York City for a modeling career…and sold little Steven Lars on the black market for some spending money.

Heather Webber: Number One Son

Heather (then Mary O’Brien) wasn’t too upset about it…until Jeff (then Richard Dean Anderson) tracked her down, and she lied that the baby had died. Their shared grief over the loss of their son brought Jeff and Heather together, and they got married. That’s when Heather decided that “and baby made three” was what her relationship was desperately lacking.

She tracked Steven Lars to his adoptive mother, the now widowed Diana Taylor, and decided that the best way for her to get little (now called) Peter Jr. (PJ) back, was to dose Diana with LSD, so she’d be put away, and Heather could sweep in to rescue her baby boy.

Alas, little PJ mixed up the glasses, and Heather drank the laced cocktail instead and was the one put away. But when Heather awoke in the mental institution (now played by Robin Mattson), she decided that she wanted nothing more than her son back, to the point where she was willing to kill Diana for him — only Heather’s mother got there first.

GH: Number Two Son

Almost 40 years later, though, viewers learned that the entire time she was willing to kill for her Steven Lars, she had met up with Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) in New York, and conceived another child…Franco, whom she also gave up for adoption. So why the deadly obsession with one kid — and indifference to another?

General Hospital: Three’s the Charm

But, wait, there’s more! Now we’ve also found out that Heather had an affair with Ryan Chamberlin (Jon Lindstrom) and gave birth to yet another child, this one Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl), and she gave her up, too! This time, it was supposedly to protect her from her serial killer papa. But, you know, the time to think about that is before you sleep with a psycho, not after. What we’re saying is: For a woman obsessed with reclaiming one offspring, she sure seems indifferent to keeping his subsequent siblings.

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