GH Recap: Deception’s In Danger, Gladys Freaks Out

Gladys Corbin’s money train is ending.

the general hospital recap for august 24 2023 has big problems for deception.Gladys Corbin had a panic attack.

The General Hospital recap for August 24, 2023, features the Deception ladies worried about their stock, but nobody worried more than Gladys.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Gladys tried to get her hands on more of Sasha’s money but couldn’t. Cody tried to play crazy for Mac but Sam knew what he was up to. Portia fretted more about Curtis as Trina tried to be a comfort to Spencer. Finally, Sonny had some questions for Carly about her trip to Pentonville. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital: Gladys’s No-Good, Terrible Bad Day

Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) were a mess over Deception’s latest problems when Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) barged in to find out why she couldn’t seem to sell Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) stock. When Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) walked in, Maxie announced that Deception was being sued for intellectual property theft. Someone claimed they stole the Deceptor idea. Gladys was more freaked out than anyone else because she needed that money immediately.

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Lucy, Maxie, and Brook Lynn found Gladys’s behavior to be a bit alarming. She claimed she had to pay Sasha’s medical deductible and Maxie told her she was out of luck — she couldn’t sell the stock right now and that was that.

Cody (Josh Kelly) put on his crazy act as soon as Mac (John J. York) walked into the Quartermaine stables to see him. They began talking about Dominique and Cody said she sounded like Sasha. Mac let him know they had more in common than he realized because Dominique was also sent to a mental hospital years ago. Mac wanted to help him, but Cody remained angry.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) interrupted them so she could check on Cody at Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) behest. When Cody walked away, Mac admitted that he was worried about Cody. When Mac was gone, Sam told Cody to stop the act now. Cody admitted what he was really trying to do and asked Sam to help him get committed to Ferncliff.

General Hospital Recap: Spencer and Trina’s Family Problems

Ava (Maura West) paid a visit to Portia (Brook Kerr) at the hospital to offer her support during this trying time with Curtis (Donnell Turner). Portia just wanted to know how Trina (Tabayna Ali) was really doing, so Ava told her that at least she had Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) for support. Portia jumped on that immediately and claimed to be worried that the Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) and Ace situation would hurt Trina. She didn’t bother mentioning that she’s tried to push Esme towards Spencer.

At least Ava told her that Spencer was good for Trina and made her happy. She encouraged Portia to give Spencer a chance for Trina’s sake. Portia still wasn’t sold so Ava changed the subject to Curtis and Portia admitted she had no idea what would happen between them. Ava tried to be positive and encouraged Portia to keep telling Curtis that she would be there for him.

Jordan (Tanisha Harper) became Curtis’s latest rehab visitor just to tell him someone set Anna’s house ablaze. Curtis perked up because he now had a mystery to help solve.

At the gallery, Spencer admitted to Trina that he hadn’t been thinking about moving out of Laura’s place when she and Kevin returned and Trina couldn’t hide her disappointment. She pointed out that Spencer is not Ace’s dad but Spencer still wanted to be his father figure and be a better father than Nikolas. He recalled having nobody there as a child except his own personal chauffeur and didn’t want that kind of life for Ace.

Nikolas’s latest disappearance also affected Spencer and he and Trina tried to rationalize it. Maybe Nikolas really was forced out of Port Charles this time. Trina tried to encourage Spencer not to assume the worst of his father and reminded him of happy times he had with Nikolas.

Just as Spencer was ready to leave to take care of Ace, Portia walked in to surprise Trina and did not like seeing Spencer there. Once alone, Portia and Trina spent some quality time together and all they could do was talk about Curtis. Trina suggested that Portia give Curtis some space.

GH Recap: Sonny Needed Info

Sonny stopped by Kelly’s to see Carly and ask her about her trip to Pentonville. Dex told Sonny she was there and Sonny wanted to know if she saw Austin during her visit. Carly didn’t have much information for him but Sonny gave her a warning to not trust Austin because he was nothing but trouble. Carly did remember that Austin had his doctor’s bag with him so he must have been there to visit a patient.

When Carly told Sonny that she was worried that Drew would be targeted for defending Cyrus, Sonny assured her that Drew wouldn’t have to worry about Book causing problems anymore. She then knew exactly why Dex was there.

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