General Hospital Recap: Drew Tries To Save Carly Some More With Money

The GH recap for June 23, 2023, has Drew falling further onto his sword all in the name of Carly.

the general hospital recap for june 23 2023 have drew sacrificing all for carly.Carly Spencer was distraught about Drew.

The General Hospital recap features Drew deciding Carly counts more than Scout once again.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, the judge chose to be especially cruel to Drew as Carly yelled. Sonny tried to make peace with Josslyn while Nina got to know Dex a little bit better. At the hospital, the Quartermaine women learned why Ned thought he was Eddie Maine, but then Neddie disappeared. Finally, Lucy confessed to Sasha she wanted to marry Marty, a man who never wanted to marry again. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Drew Will Throw It All Away For Carly

Carly (Laura Wright) lost her mind as soon as the judge decided Drew (Cameron Mathison) would spend three years in Pentonville, and it looked like she was about to assault the man. However, all she did was yell at him while Michael (Chad Duell) and Drew tried to calm her. Zeke (Gavin Houston) did his best to argue on Drew’s behalf, but the judge oddly decided that Drew being a Navy SEAL and trying to rescue PC citizens in Greenland was precisely why he needed to be remanded to prison immediately. (What?)

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Zeke still tried to do his job and pointed out that justice without mercy was hollow. Finally, the judge agreed to give Drew a week to get his affairs together before reporting to jail. Carly seemed heartbroken but didn’t bother telling the judge she was the root cause of the whole mess and Drew was falling on his sword for her. Drew just tried to put things in perspective. At least he wasn’t dying of cancer like Willow (Katelyn MacMullen).

In fact, Drew was so determined that Carly come out on top that he was going to sell Aurora so Carly would have the cash to pay her SEC fines. When Carly brought up Scout and her inheritance, Drew wasn’t worried. She had ELQ shares just like she had Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) to father her. According to Drew, Carly needed his company money more than his daughter did.

GH Recap: Neddie’s Big Move

Gregory stepped in as Tracy and Alexis sparred, as they tend to do. Tracy was not appreciative of Gregory’s interference as he told her to back off and offered her an etiquette lesson. Tracy decided to just walk away and see how Neddie was doing but still warned Gregory to stay away from her. Alexis then gave Gregory the whole sordid tale of her relationship with Ned and why she and Tracy didn’t get along. Gregory even got to learn about Tracy setting her up for drunk driving.

GH Recap: Neddie Goes Missing

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ned (Wally Kurth) — or rather, Neddie — decided he was done being cooped up in the hospital because he felt fine. He even gave Nurse Deanna a hard time and was not happy when she gave him a sedative. As he slept, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) watched over him but was shocked when Neddie woke and asked her to bust him out of there. He just wanted to go to Vegas and could tell Brook Lynn was the performing type as well.

Neddie may have thought he was all cured, but Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) had some interesting news for Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) and Brook Lynn. Neddie didn’t just believe he was Eddie Maine. He was Eddie Maine. Neddie’s family refused to believe this could be permanent, but Kevin couldn’t assure them it wasn’t. He explained that this wasn’t just simple amnesia. Neddie’s brain has superimposed his vision of Eddie Maine on Ned Quartermaine’s thoughts and feelings. A distraught Brook Lynn may have rightly deduced that Neddie just wanted a break from his family. Tracy (Jane Elliot) only wanted to give him another bump on the head.

After Olivia literally screamed in Tracy’s face and called her names, Kevin smartly told Olivia that they now have a window into why Neddie might prefer to be Eddie. When all three women returned to Ned’s room, they found the bed empty.

General Hospital: Nina’s Bad Night

Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) were enjoying a carefree evening at The Savoy when Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and Dex (Evan Hofer) walked in. They immediately approached Sonny and Nina’s table so Josslyn could coldly ask if he knew what was going on in court with Drew and Carly. When Nina commented on how noble Drew’s actions were, Josslyn ironically pointed out that some people know how to put their own needs aside for the sake of others.

At that point, Sonny decided to talk to Josslyn alone. He was shocked that Josslyn would still be with Dex, considering he wanted to continue working for Sonny. Dex made peace with Sonny so he asked if Josslyn would do the same. Josslyn did her best to try to be nice, but she wasn’t willing to make complete peace. She did, however, admit that she was wrong to go to Sonny on Dex’s behalf and ask him to fire Dex.

While Sonny had his talk with Joss, Dex sat down with Nina, and she tried to get to know him better. She thanked him for taking a bullet for Sonny and explained that they were on the same side. She also asked that Dex reserve judgment about her, and he wondered if that meant she wanted him to get Josslyn to be nicer to her. Dex wasn’t about to do Nina’s bidding because he didn’t think Josslyn would be happy.

Michael was the next Corinthos-adjacent person to arrive at The Savoy to inform Sonny about what happened with Drew. Nina blurted out that it wasn’t supposed to be that way, and Josslyn angrily asked her how it was supposed to be. Nina covered for herself before taking a call from Ava (Maura West), who had already heard the news. Surprisingly, Nina told Ava she almost felt sorry for Carly. But just a little bit. She did not notice Neddie lurking behind her.

General Hospital Recap: Lucy And Martin Are Not On The Same Page

At the Metro Court Gardens, Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) discussed romance just as Martin (Michael E. Knight) came by their table at the Metro Court Gardens bearing flowers. They sat down for some chit-chat and couldn’t help but brag about Deception’s Deceptor. Lucy credited Martin for coming up with the idea for The Deceptor.

Apparently, he inspired her in bed when he suggested there could one day be a product that could stop time. Hence, Lucy decided to develop this miracle anti-aging device. Sasha loved the romance of the story so much that she asked when they were getting married. Lucy and Martin quickly told her never. They have both had enough of marriage — or so they said. When Marty left the table, Lucy confessed to Sasha that she was hoping Martin would talk her into tying the knot. Over by the pool, Martin dealt with texts from his ex-wives and then promptly fell in the water like a common Ned Quartermaine. Will he wake up thinking he is Tad Martin?

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