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Esme Prince Gives Birth As Her Parents Lose Their Life And Mind

The GH recap for February 22, 2023, has Esme’s world turning upside down.

esme prince general hospital recap for february 22, 2023, gave birth to a baby boyEsme Prince with Laura, Spencer, and her baby.

The General Hospital Recap features Esme Prince becoming a mom as she learned who her own mom was and her dad died.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, essentially everything happened and everyone cheered as actors hit it out of the ballpark and stories came to a dramatic conclusion, with still more secrets beneath the surface — or on Spoon Island. Ryan finally died for real, Esme gave birth to a son, and Heather was taken back into custody. In addition, Austin learned he would live but worried about Nikolas’s death, as Trina told a stunned Ava that she’d help her find Nikolas. Portia and Taggert also had a long talk, and Elizabeth told Scott everything. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the glorious details.

Esme Prince Gives Spencer A Baby Brother

Heather (Alley Mills) was shocked and thrilled when she learned that Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was about to have her baby, but then dismayed when Esme announced she wanted her gone. Esme insisted that Laura (Genie Francis) got to stay because Laura is the baby’s grandmother, but then Heather announced that she is also the baby’s grandmother because she is her mother. The horrified look on Esme’s face was a sight to behold as another contraction came. She screamed in both physical and emotional pain in a way that only Esme can.

As the cops hauled Heather away, Laura acted like a mother figure and was there by her side as she gave birth to a son with Kevin’s (Jon Lindstrom) help. As the paramedics got ready to bring Esme to GH, Laura insisted she not be separated from her baby, and Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) arrived to meet his brother. That’s when Esme asked Spencer to tell Nikolas (Adam Huss) the baby had been born, but she had no idea how to find him. Spencer had to admit he had no idea how to find his father either.

GH Recap: Ryan Meets His End In The Woods

Elsewhere on Spoon Island, Ava (Maura West) pulled the trigger on the gun Ryan (also Jon Lindstrom) stole from Mac (John J. York) only to learn it was out of bullets. As Ryan psychotically told Ava that they could be together now and approached her, another shot rang out, and a bullet hit Ryan square in the chest. It was Mac to the rescue with another gun, just as his wife Felicia came through with a tire iron a year ago with another sociopath in the woods.

Ryan was pronounced dead at the scene and Mac took on the task of telling his old friend Kevin that his twin brother was gone. Kevin insisted on looking at Ryan’s face — also his own face — in the body bag and hoped his sick and twisted twin, who was sexually abused by their mother, finally found some peace.

As for Ava, she was taken to GH to be checked, and Trina (Tabyana Ali) was by her side. Trina even offered to find Nikolas for her, but Ava told her that could not be done. She then tried to visit with a recovering Austin (Roger Howarth) as they both worried about Nik’s allegedly dead body back in the Wyndemere stables.

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General Hospital Recap: Portia Explains Some More, Liz Tells All

While Trina tended to Ava and worried about Spencer, her parents had a long overdue discussion about Portia’s (Brook Kerr) lies. Taggert (Réal Andrews) admitted he always knew of Portia’s affair with Curtis (Donnell Turner) and that is why he worked so hard to put their marriage back together. He knew he played a part in Portia turning to someone else and wanted to do better.

Taggert also insisted that he is Trina’s dad, no matter what a DNA test might say. He was more forgiving with Portia than Curtis was but had to let her know he was still majorly ticked.

Finally, Finn (Michael Easton) brought Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) home right as Scott (Kin Shriner) showed up at her door to talk. Finn begged her not to tell Scott the truth about her crimes until she thought about it another night. However, as soon as Finn left, Elizabeth shrugged off what this overbearing man had to say and told Scott everything about what happened with Esme and Nikolas in the north tower.

Scott was stunned as Elizabeth begged him to get her out of this mess, telling Scott he is like a father figure to her. Scott vowed he would do the best he could to help her.

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