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Esme Is Still A Thorn In Spencer Cassadine And Trina’s Side

The General Hospital recap for March 23 has Spencer and Trina nearly kissing.

the general hospital recap for march 23, 2023, have a tender moment between spencer cassadine and trinaEsme is a Spencer and Trina interloper.

The General Hospital recap features Esme getting in the way of a little Sprina romance, which didn’t make Spencer Cassadine very happy.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Spencer and Trina had a great talk, but then Esme entered the picture with Baby Ace. Curtis and Jordan also had a talk that could have turned into more than a talk, but they were also interrupted. At the hospital, Elizabeth learned about the fate of her career while wondering why she still hadn’t heard from Epiphany. Plus, Gregory admitted a big truth to Alexis while Gladys continued to hide the truth from Sasha. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Spencer Cassadine Has To Explain All

Trina (Tabyana Ali) was stunned to see Ace and Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) were now living with Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Laura (Genie Francis), but Esme was thrilled to announce they were one big happy family now. Laura tried to make the situation more palatable for Trina but she didn’t like the idea of Spencer living where Esme is living and who can blame her?

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Esme switched back to nice and grateful mode and explained that she just couldn’t be separated from Ace. When Spencer walked Trina out, he reassured her he was only going along with Esme’s idea to make sure he could be with his baby brother. Spencer worried that Trina wouldn’t be understanding, but of course, she was. However, Trina rightly pointed out that just because Esme has no memory of her past, it doesn’t automatically make her a good person.

Spencer told her that is the real reason he is staying with Esme and Ace. If Esme slipped up, he’d be right there to catch her. He admitted that Esme never gave him anything real and regretted believing in her. He now knew what a true connection was thanks to Trina and believed she would always be honest with him. As they leaned in for a kiss, Esme walked into the hall with the baby and interrupted them.

GH Recap: Curtis And Jordan Nearly Kiss

Curtis (Donnell Turner) was ready to drown his sorrows in booze at Charlie’s and warned Jordan (Tanisha Harper) he just might get drunk. Jordan decided she would just join him. The former couple got to talking and Curtis admitted he had just run into Trina. He said their conversation was good, but he was still disappointed that Trina didn’t want to take a DNA test. However, he admitted things went from bad to worse when Portia (Brook Kerr) showed up.

Jordan told Curtis she didn’t want Portia’s lies to ruin his marriage like Jordan’s police-related secret ruined theirs, so she encouraged him to find it in his heart to forgive his new wife. When Curtis later asked if he and Jordan would still be together if he had forgiven her after her TJ (Tajh Bellow) and Taggert (Réal Andrews) secrets, Jordan had to admit that yes, they would. They even almost kissed but Jordan’s car arrival put a stop to that.

Meanwhile, Portia (Brook Kerr) was still in tears over her run-in with Curtis (Donnell Turner), which didn’t lead her with much hope for the future of their marriage. She soon ran into Marshall (Robert Gossett), and he told her that he had no markers for schizophrenia whatsoever. At Portia’s prodding, Marshall then called Stella (Vernee Watson) to see if she had his medical records from the time he was still married to her sister. He is now on a quest to see why he was ever diagnosed, to begin with.

General Hospital Recap: Chase Men Drama, Gladys’s Guilt

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) remained on pins and needles, wondering what the ethics board would say about the future of her career, but the decision came quickly, and the committee let her keep her job at General Hospital. The chairman thought she was an asset to the hospital, and Elizabeth had to thank Finn for all his support.

We then got another Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) conversation reminding us how Epiphany is out of town but has always been Liz’s greatest champion. Elizabeth texted Epiphany the news but did not get a quick response. She was soon distracted by Finn arriving with Violet (Jophielle Love), who insisted Aunt Elizabeth join them for dinner.

Gregory (Gregory Harrison) was furious at Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for calling Finn to ask what has been going on in his life. Alexis claimed that she was worried and she couldn’t leave this alone. She only wanted to help, but Gregory just doesn’t want her help. He once again insisted he didn’t have a drinking problem, but Alexis didn’t give up on the idea and kept asking why he was fired from Port Charles University. He admitted that he quit, and with Alexis’s prodding, Gregory admitted he was sick, but he would not tell her what his diagnosis was.

Finally, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) kept getting messages from Lucy (Lynn Herring) on how to handle the Nurses Ball but didn’t tell anyone that was where her advice was coming from. Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) was happy with how much Deception was able to donate to the ball, but Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) was horrified at the amount. Soon, Cody (Josh Kelly) walked in and admitted he knew Gladys from her evenings at The Savoy –but said it was ladies’ night. He made sure to point out how luck comes and goes right in front of Gladys.

Sasha was sure Gladys was only acting strange because she needed to forget about her grief by having nights out on the town. So, Sasha offered her an even bigger night on the red carpet at the Nurses Ball. Sasha even offered to buy her a fancy gown and pay her for being her conservator. Gladys seemed to feel guilty about using Sasha’s money to gamble but still didn’t fess up to the truth. Instead, she debated joining another poker game after Selina Wu (Lydia Look) sent her a text.

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