‘Fess Up: Should Jordan Ashford Tell Curtis Everything on GH?

And will it change anything?

General Hospital Curtis Ashford and Jordan Ashford

After a year of seeming not to notice that he hadn’t received confirmation of his divorce papers being filed on General Hospital, Curtis Ashford now can’t seem to stop talking about how awful it is that Jordan Ashford didn’t see this one tiny detail through — you had one job, woman! One job! No, not putting away bad guys and, no, not recovering from your coma. Her one job was seeing to it that Curtis was free to marry Portia Robinson the moment he wanted to and not a second later.

General Hospital Polling

But we know that it was actually Aunt Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) who held onto the legal documents. Should Jordan (Tanisha Harper) fill Curtis (Donnell Turner) in and make him quit whining? Soap Hub asked, and here’s how you answered.

Jordan Ashford Knows Mistakes Were Made

It’s Stella who needs to confess, not Jordan, 60% of voters insist. She’s the one who was playing matchmaker, trying to reunite Curtis and Jordan, so she’s the one responsible for this entire mess. Jordan has been covering for her, but we’ve all had enough of that. The truth shall set them — and us — free!

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

And after that happens, 27% would like to add, then Curtis can apologize to Jordan for all his histrionics over the past few weeks. And he can get over himself, thinking that Jordan never got over him when, in reality, it was his scheming aunt, and Jordan had already moved on. Even Portia (Brook Kerr) got into the act, wondering if Jordan was still in love with Curtis and whether Curtis was still in love with Jordan when, in the end, it was what we in the real world call a dumb screw-up, full stop.

Just Forget It

A last place 13% just want this whole story to end. And dragging Stella back into it might risk making it keep going. Let’s sign those papers, get a divorce, and move on.

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