Carly Spencer Gave Nina A Warning About Sonny

The GH recap for March 31, 2023, has Carly giving Nina some words of advice she never asked for.

the general hospital recap for march 31, 2023, has carly being mean to ninaCarly and Nina sparred again.

The General Hospital recap features Carly Spencer taking the time to tell Nina she is the better mob wife.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Carly and Nina sparred while Dying Willow looked on — and then made some snacks. Anna and Valentin debated going back on the run immediately, but Sonny talked them out of it. Lucy managed to escape again to see Maxie but then took an Uber back to the safe house before anyone noticed. Ava warned Esme that she can’t trust her, especially if her memory returns one day. Finally, Spencer agreed to allow Victor to make sure Esme ends up behind bars. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

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Carly Spencer Needed To Be Mean

Carly (Laura Wright) walked into the Quartermaine gatehouse to see Nina (Cynthia Watros) standing over Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), who seemed to feel weak but didn’t need an ambulance. When Carly questioned her, Nina said she stopped by with a care package and to talk about the transplant now that it’s a go. Carly was still mean and rude to Nina, appointing herself as Willow’s protector, and telling Willow she will ask Nina to go. Nina rightfully pointed out that whether she stayed or not was Willow’s decision, but Willow just changed the subject to the ball.

When Willow left the room, Carly and Nina were actually polite to one another, as Nina asked if they could put aside their personal feelings for Willow’s sake. Carly said she would be happy not to argue around Willow, but still had no issue taunting Nina about the fact that she knows Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) mafia life better than Nina does. Nina assured Carly that she and Sonny have a different kind of relationship than Carly had with her ex, and that is what Sonny likes now.

Willow soon returned, and Carly put her somewhat-nice act back on as they discussed the transplant and all of Willow’s fears about what might go wrong. Nina assured Willow she would not be alone and she and Carly would be there for her

GH Recap: Vanna Fear Victor, Lucy Gets Loose

Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) were still reeling from the fact that Eileen (Heather Mazur) is dead as Drew (Cameron Mathison) tried to encourage them to leave the safe house, and Sonny warned them that would be a bad idea. Sonny promised to find them a new safe house, but Valentin wasn’t so sure. Anna soon got on her phone to warn Felicia (Kristina Wagner) about Eileen’s death and warn her to stay away from the house for a few days.

Everyone in the safe house argued about how they would find Victor (Charles Shaughnessy), and Anna finally realized that Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) could be the one to lead them to the elder Cassadine. Sonny agreed to talk to Spencer about Victor, as Valentin warned that Victor could have already manipulated his nephew onto his side.

Once alone, Anna beat herself up over the idea that she is the one who got Eileen killed and asked why she kept making these mistakes. Valentin assured her that none of this was her fault because Eileen refused to follow their instructions. He then vowed that Victor would pay for his actions.

Meanwhile, Lucy (Lynn Herring) settled into her safe house room with some popcorn to watch the Nurses Ball on TV. When Maxie (Kirsten Storms) appeared on her screen, Lucy was happy to hear that the night was dedicated to her. However, she freaked out when she learned there was a problem with one of the acts. This drove Lucy into a tailspin, and she called Maxie immediately. When Maxie didn’t answer, Lucy kept calling and leaving messages. At that point, Lucy thought she might have to break their deal and escape the safe house again. So, she took a deep breath and ate a gummy to relax herself. When that didn’t work, she ordered a car and showed up with sunglasses at the Metro Court.

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Maxie was freaked out to see her, but at least she had her help to solve the ball problems now. They needed a new Magic Wand and pronto, and Lucy knew how to solve the problem. Too bad Maxie didn’t want her help and tried to get Lucy to leave quickly, but Lucy refused. Then, she shocked Maxie by suggesting Mac (John J. York) perform with the Magic Wands. Maxie nixed that idea because Mac is his stepfather but instead had another idea.

Later, when Maxie questioned her about why she can’t stay away, Lucy was honest and admitted the Nurses Ball makes her feel needed, and people actually take her seriously. After Lucy got back in her rideshare, we learned that one of Victor’s goons spotted her and reported it to Victor.

General Hospital Recap: Spencer Plots, Esme Apologizes

Spencer met with Victor in the park and told his uncle how he just can’t deal with Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) anymore and that he is ready to move forward with Victor’s plan to frame Esme and send her back to prison. Spencer informed Victor that Esme planned to get a job and save money, and he would not allow her to just leave Port Charles with his brother. When Victor wanted to start planning, Spencer asked why they had to meet in the park, so Victor made a point of saying he likes nature and all the planet had to offer.

Victor assured Spencer that he could make sure the DA prosecuted Esme and asked him to just leave it to him, and Spencer reluctantly agreed. Victor’s first choice was to eliminate Esme, but Spencer insisted his friends needed to see justice in the eyes of the law.

Ava (Maura West) and Esme were pleasant with each other when they came face-to-face at GH. Ava commented that Ace even looked like Nikolas (Adam Huss). Esme actually apologized to Ava for her affair with Nikolas, but then Ava brought up all the other terrible things she did. Esme admitted the old Esme did some horrible things but insisted she was no longer that person.

Ava admitted that people are often judged by their worst mistakes and then told her that she was sorry Nikolas isn’t there to raise her child, but Esme wasn’t and said that Nik can stay gone. Ava was surprised when Esme told her that Nikolas tried to strip Esme of her parental rights as Esme insisted her life revolves around Ace now. She also claimed she wanted to make things up to the people the old Esme hurt. Ava said in order to do that, the change in her had to be real and last. Esme told her she couldn’t guarantee that her memory wouldn’t return, and that is why Ava refused to trust her.

Soon, Austin (Roger Howarth) arrived with meds for Ace. After Esme was gone, Ava lamented that she couldn’t stand keeping their Nikolas secret anymore. Ava was worried about Felicia’s questioning why he was on Spoon Island the night Ryan and Heather arrived. Ava asked if he had a tux, seemingly implying they will make their couple debut at the ball and that would be their cover.

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