Anna Devane and Valentin Manage To Track Down An Alive Lucy Coe

The GH recap for January 24, 2023, has Anna Devane and Valentin finally hitting paydirt.

general hospital recap lucy coe is finally spotted by anna devane and valentinLucy Coe

The General Hospital recap features two super spies, Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine, finally finding the woman they have been trying to locate for the last few months.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In addition to Anna in this episode, Sonny presses Dex for answers, Nikolas makes his case to get Carolyn’s help, Mayor Laura Collins is there as always for Liz but would also like to know what she’s keeping to herself, Maxie finds out just how happy Sam is with Dante, and Josslyn makes a big request of poor heartbroken Cameron. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Anna and Valentin arrive at a monastery and find a man who speaks English to question. Valentin brought up his friend Renee again since she knows the catacombs, and it bugged Anna. The woman arrived, so the threesome headed into the dark catacombs.

Renee wanted Anna to stand watch, but as Renee started to cozy up to Valentin, Anna appeared, so the three continued on. Valentin noticed Anna was no longer behind them and wanted to go back to look for her, but Renee suggested they celebrate it being just the two of them. Renee thinks he hasn’t forgotten their wild past, and their future could be even better. Anna found them again, and she wondered if something happened while she was gone.

General Hospital Recap: Secrets and Lies

Josslyn asked Cameron to keep quiet about her seeing Dex because of her fear about how Sonny will react. Protecting her new boyfriend wasn’t something he cared to do. Joss said she knows Cam and hopes he’d never deliberately hurt someone for payback. He warned her she might not know him as well as she thinks.

In fact, Cam went off on her for being selfish and breaking his heart. He noted that he’d be damned if he kept her secret. Joss tearfully apologized for waiting too long to tell him because she didn’t want to hurt him. Cam asked if Dex means so much and he so little that she was willing to compromise herself…and him. Joss badgered Cam that she wanted them to still have a friendship, and he didn’t seem to care. He wanted to know what if he can’t ever forgive her, and she seemed to threaten she’d have to let Dex know before it gets back to Sonny. Cam went to leave and said her secret is safe with him because, unlike her, he doesn’t betray the people he cares about.

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After all that, Dex (Evan Hofer) was with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and admitted everything. He said that Sonny told him to stay away from Joss, but he hasn’t. Sonny pressed for details, and Dex went into the events of New Year’s Eve and the attack on Joss.

Sonny asked why he just now is hearing about it. Dex felt Sonny was preoccupied with Nina’s issues, but when he revealed Carly knew, Sonny was not happy. Dex told him there was nothing that will lead to the gun and offered to give it back to Sonny. Instead, Sonny said to keep the gun and go practice some more so he doesn’t miss next time.

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Sonny was good with it if Dex promised there was nothing else, which he did. Sonny was happy and told Dex he was doing well. After he left, Joss called and updated him about her conversation with Cam. The two think they’re in the clear, but back inside, Sonny asked someone to check up on Dex.

General Hospital Recap: All In The Family

Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) lied to lure Carolyn (Denise Crosby) to town under the guise of helping Liz but not allowing her to let Liz know that. She wanted to know what kind of trouble “Lizzie” was in. Nik twisted the knife, saying no one in her life calls her Lizzie, and said Liz told him everything her parents did to her. So he said if she wants to help Liz, stop asking him questions and do as he said.

Carolyn held her own against him, but Nik said she needs to act now if she wants to help. He wanted her to use those same skills of programming a memory to help him and Liz avoid trouble. He explained Esme’s situation and that it would be better for Liz if this woman never gets her memory back. Carolyn was disgusted and couldn’t believe Nik called himself her friend, and he said he was a better friend than she is a parent.

Carolyn told Nik to go to Hell. She wasn’t doing what was best for her daughter — she’s spent a lifetime trying to undo her mistake. She wanted to make things right with Liz — not at the expense of another young girl. She didn’t want to regret doing it again, and he said Liz might be the one to regret it this time, causing Carolyn to turn around and return. She couldn’t believe he was Liz’s friend and he mentioned every moment he was there for which she wasn’t. Carolyn could tell he just wanted to save himself, but he said he wanted to save Elizabeth too. Can she say the same?

Laura (Genie Francis) learned from Liz (Rebeca Herbst) that Carolyn is in town to see a patient, and Liz wasn’t sure if she should believe her. Laura admitted she’s feeling a similar way about Nikolas. She also told Liz that he was planning to get custody of the baby. Liz told Laura she was the mom she always wished she had. That said, she wasn’t sure if she should give Carolyn another chance.

Laura could see more was on her mind and said she was willing to listen, but Liz didn’t want to burden her and is taking responsibility for her own choices. Laura said if what’s weighing on her is her son’s fault, she is involved. She asked if he imposed on their friendship. Liz insisted she has to live with her own choices. Laura pointed out she could always change her mind and again suggested she confide in her. Liz started to, but then Cam arrived, and both women could tell he was hurting.

Sad about Britt and feeling the need to see her friend Maxie (Kirsten Storms) met up with Sam (Kelly Monaco). She spoke with her about Britt’s party and upcoming memorial. Maxie then asked if Dante had shared any details from the Hook investigation with her, and Sam turned it around and asked if Mac’s told her any. Sam admitted she and Dante were working together on it. Sam mentioned she’s also helping Alexis. She thinks the nanny may have info about the Hook. The thought that Sam was traveling with Dante to England to investigate really excited Maxie, and Sam took a beat to be happy about it too. Maxie was thrilled that Sam’s found love again. Sam said it just feels right with Dante.

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