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Is There A Real Home For Little Orphan Teddy on General Hospital?

Michael and Teddy on General HospitalMichael and Teddy on General Hospital

In a matter of just a few months, a little baby who’s not even a year old lost both his parents on General Hospital.

Granted, one was a sociopathic hitman who likely would never have won any awards for Father of the Year, but he had a sweet and beloved mother who finally found happiness in her life.

As it turns out, even without parents, Teddy is a much-wanted little boy. When Tracy (Jane Elliott)  thought he was nothing but a foundling left on her door, she obtained foster care rights to the boy and almost didn’t want to give him back to his mother. He even has a paternal uncle who wants him, as well as his mother’s once-and-almost fiancé who wishes he were the boy’s biological father.

Soap Hub asked who you think should raise Teddy, and your answer was pretty clear.

Michael Wants Any Child He Didn’t Father
Out of nearly 6,000 votes, 83% of you want Michael (Chad Duell) to raise Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) baby. As a matter of fact, you still hold out hope that Teddy is his and the truth comes out soon–preferably during a custody trial to add a little extra drama to the mix.

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Those who hold onto the original math and sonogram pic as proof of Carlos being the dad still hope Michael gets custody of Teddy, seeing that he’d be the boy’s stepfather if Sabrina had lived and married the young Quartermaine-Corinthos. And, let’s not forget, Michael will sue for custody of any child he thinks he can parent better than a biological relative–case in point, Avery.

For today at least, Michael gave the boy away. But, you don’t think he’ll let that situation go for long.

He Belongs With Family
A very small 13% of you think Teddy belongs with his biological father’s family. You agree with Joe (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) when he says Michael has no legal claims to the baby. Michael even broke things off with Sabrina as soon as he learned he didn’t father her child. You even cheered Michael for doing the right thing as he gave the baby to his uncle today.

The Jury Is Out…
The final 4% don’t know what to think. While you can see Michael as a loving parent, you also wonder about Sabrina’s family and whether someone from Puerto Rico will show up in Port Charles and stake a claim to the boy. Either way, you can see a nail-biter of a custody fight brewing.

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