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Quitting Time: Can Sam Get Over Jason On General Hospital?

Jason and Sam General Hospital

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General Hospital’s Sam has been in love with Jason ever since Sonny dumped her on his second in command to deal with Sam’s pregnancy. When Jason was presumed dead, Sam hooked up with Drew, whom she thought was Jason. Then, when real Jason returned, she flew back to him.

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After over a decade of on and off mafia life, Sam suddenly came to the realization that the proximity to violence may be dangerous for her children, Danny and Scout. So she left Jason. But will Sam ever really be able to quit him? Here’s what almost 5,000 viewers want us to know.

I Will Always Love You

A majority 64% of the audience knows that this breakup will be temporary, just like all the previous ones. Sam (Kelly Monaco) will never get Jason (Steve Burton) out of her system. And she doesn’t want to.

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She is addicted to danger, and danger comes from Jason. She will grow up one day, right? And, besides, it’s not like growing up in a mafia family has hurt Michael (Chad Duell) and Joss (Eden McCoy). They are totally normal and well-adjusted young people. So Morgan would have been…if he hadn’t died.

Break Room

A smaller 24% of you believe a detox will happen… eventually. But not quite yet. The pain is still too fresh. And Jason’s T-shirt is still just the right amount of tight to make Sam forget why she fell for him in the first place. A good, monosyllabic hitman is hard to find! And even harder to get over.

Kid Stuff

And then there are the 12% of fans who know Sam will never get over Jason. She’s just keeping her distance for now because she doesn’t like the idea of her kids getting shot or blown up. Like Morgan. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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