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Fault Lines: Who Is To Blame For Cam Shooting Jason On General Hospital?

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Stanford-bound teen Cam has done something no trained mobster has managed to do on General Hospital recently – put a bullet in the indestructible enforcer, Jason. The severely injured Jason managed to get away, but things weren’t looking so good for Cameron…

General Hospital Polling

No one is suggesting that an 18-year-old going around plugging holes in their brother’s dad is a good thing. But is Cam (William Lipton) all to blame for the latest tragedy? What almost 4,000 viewers think about that:

Pointing the Finger

A majority 62% of you want Cam to take full and complete responsibility. After all, if a kid whose beloved stepfather just got murdered is allowed to avoid the consequences of his actions, who knows what that could lead to in Port Charles?

Next thing you know, adults who are just having a bad day will be required to serve time for their crimes, instead of sliding based on their “good heart,” “kind intentions,” or “dimples.” Throw the book at this kid! He’s the biggest criminal this town has ever seen!

Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty

A smaller 37% of the audience blames the adults in Cam’s orbit, especially those who knew that Peter (Wes Ramsey) was actually the one who killed Franco (Roger Howarth), but kept the truth to themselves. So throw the book at Anna (Finola Hughes) and Laura (Genie Francis) and the rest. Cam only did what the rest of them didn’t have the guts to do.

Lifestyle Matters

A tiny 1% blames Jason (Steve Burton). Sure, he may not have killed Franco, but he’s killed an awful lot of other people. In fact, the reason he initially didn’t cop to being Jake’s dad was that he didn’t want his son pulled into the mob life, he knew how dangerous it was.

So is it any wonder that, when looking for a villain, Cam would turn to the actual criminal he knows to get revenge? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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