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Pushing Daisy: Is There a Cult Story Brewing On General Hospital?

Daisy and Kristina General HospitalDaisy and Kristina General Hospital

Every Day Is a New Dawn, according to the book Daisy gave Kristina on General Hospital and, as fans enter a new year, they’re still wondering what all that is about.

Daisy (Kelsey Wang) has been hanging around the fringes of Port Charles, befriending Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) and offering her life advice, giving Oscar (Garren Stitt) a place to stay, and working at the nursing home Mike (Max Gail) visits during the day.

Oh, and she’s also possibly sending weird newspaper clippings to Sam (Kelly Monaco).

But is she – and her healing hands – a member of a cult? Almost 8,000 viewers reveal whether or not they’re ready to sign up.

No To the New
Oh, look, 68% of you struggle to summon up an iota of enthusiasm; a newbie who lives with a bunch of other newbies is luring some characters you don’t particularly care about somewhere.

That would be a “no” on the cult story. Why should you care about this Scientology rip-off? Unless it makes Oscar and Kristina so happy that they stop whining.

(However, in the self-pity sweepstakes, Oscar’s brain tumor and looming death sentence beats Kristina’s woe is me, my girlfriend dumped me, I dropped out of college and can’t find a job worthy of my brilliance tragedy every time).

Let’s See What Happens
Back in the 1970s, another GH heroine was in a cult that her mother had to drag her out of. That heroine was Laura (Genie Francis), played by a recently recast and newly teen-aged Genie Francis.

Quite a bit of good story came from that character. And 20% of the audience is open to the possibility of it happening again.

Uhm… who is Daisy, 12% are scratching their heads. The canvas is so full, these days, and the newbies are flying fast and furious. Is she Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) fake daughter? Is she Aiden and Charlotte’s teacher? What cult is this, again?

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Video Credit: Yasmin GH Clips

Video Credit: Yasmin GH clips

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