Sorry, Not Sorry: Should GH’s Harrison Chase Forgive Brook Lynn?

Whose fault was her betrayal, anyway?

General Hospital Harrison Chase and Brook Lynn Quartermaine

Brook Lynn Quartermaine knows what’s best for Harrison Chase on General Hospital. His destiny is to be a huge singing star, like Brook Lynn’s dad, Ned Quartermaine, and like she never got a chance to be.

General Hospital Polling

Who cares that Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) really wants to go back to the police force? He doesn’t know what he wants. In that case, was Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) within her rights to delete the email announcing his reinstatement?

Harrison Chase: Human Suffering

Brook Lynn cares deeply about Chase, 44% point out, and she thinks she has his best interests at heart. How great of a career is police work for Chase when he is constantly being placed on leave for violating one rule or another? So maybe, in the great scheme of things, Brook Lynn did do the right thing. But it was a betrayal of his trust. And she should be made to suffer for it.

GH Unforgivable

Way, way, too far, Brook Lynn, another 34% of the audience doesn’t want to hear any excuses. This is not how you strengthen a relationship. Chase trusts you, and the last thing he expects is for you to put stumbling blocks in the path of him pursuing his chosen career. Yes, we said his chosen career, not the one you’ve chosen for him. This is the kind of thing that can haunt a relationship forever — or plain old end it.

Harrison Chase: You Asked For It

This is all Chase’s fault, 22% of the voters somehow figure. The logic goes: Chase knew who he was getting involved with when he got involved with Brook Lynn. Ergo, if Brook Lynn acts like Brook Lynn, Chase can’t hold it against her. The only person he has to blame is himself for getting involved with a woman who does these kinds of things.

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