Loyalty Oath: Who Would Dex Choose On General Hospital?

General Hospital Michael, Dex, SonnyGeneral Hospital Michael, Dex, Sonny

Dex Heller is the proverbial dog trying to serve multiple masters on General Hospital. Well, except for the part where he’s not a dog. But everything else fits. Dex is pretending to be Sonny Corinthos’s Jason Morgan replacement. But he’s actually in the employ of Michael Corinthos, who wants to bring his adoptive dad down from the inside.

General Hospital Polling

Not because Sonny (Maurice Benard) killed Michael’s (Chad Duell) biological dad. Not because he’s a criminal responsible for multiple deaths. But because Sonny no longer loves Michael’s mommy. But Dex (Evan Hofer) doesn’t care whose mommy Sonny loves. So in a loyalty test, who would he choose?

GH: I Am What I Am

Dex is only loyal to Dex, 62% of you assert. And that’s not a bad thing. Sonny is a horrible person. Michael is a horrible person. Why should Dex put himself on the line for either of them? Sure, he can take a job. But if things get hairy, he’ll protect himself first…and let God sort out the rest.

The Good General Hospital Mobster

Because Sonny sees Dex as his Jason 2.0 (Steve Burton), Sonny has been nice to Dex. He’s nice to all his hired killers. Murder Inc. is a family company. Which is why 34% of the audience assumes, once push comes to shove — and push always comes to shove — he’ll throw in with Sonny. After all, he’s shown him how noble a career in organized crime can be!

GH Little Boy Blue

Michael is such a loser, he only managed to get 4% of the vote. That’s how many people believe Dex will remember who hired him, who is paying him, and who is only bending the law, rather than out and out breaking it. Michael is on the side of good. He wants to bring down a mob boss. For making his mommy sads.

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