GH True Lies: Should Liz Webber Have Been Honest With Finn?

Where does this leave all three of them?

Liz Webber and Hamilton Finn on General Hospital

Liz Webber is so angry with Esme Prince for broadcasting her son’s sex video on General Hospital, that she is willing to help Nikolas Cassadine keep her, while pregnant, locked up until she delivers — then send her off to be held prisoner on Cassadine Island…indefinitely.

General Hospital Polling

And how will Nik (Marcus Coloma) explain the baby suddenly living at his house? Well, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) is willing to help Nik with that, too. She’s claimed to be pregnant with his baby, then steal Esme’s child and raise it with Nik…indefinitely. Or at least it looked that way until Tuesday when she blew up that plan. But should she have let Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) in on her plan from the beginning, though?

GH: Get Lost

Elizabeth doesn’t owe Finn (Michael Easton) anything, 4% of you dismiss. They barely dated, it was more Finn following Liz around, and not listening when she told him to go away. That’s not a relationship. That’s borderline stalking. And she doesn’t have to share anything she doesn’t want to with him.

Liz Webber: Fun Times

A slightly smaller 14% don’t know what the right thing to do is, but you’re pretty sure that the soapy thing is for Liz to keep her secret from everyone. Sure, it would have been a little tricky, since Esme’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) pregnancy is multiple months along, and Elizabeth was only going to pretend to have gotten pregnant by Nik recently, but that’s why we visit Port Charles on a regular basis. To see pretty people do pretty silly things to pretty ridiculous results. This is soap opera heaven!

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GH: Poor Baby

Finn doesn’t deserve to be hurt, 82% of voters are adamant. All he wanted to do was help Liz, and her making it seem like she cheated on him — whether or not they were actually dating — isn’t a nice thing to do. And Liz used to be nice. You know, before that keeping a pregnant teenager prisoner thing.

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